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Grab all details of YFN Lucci’s before and after teeth grills, veneers with pictures of his trending meme teeth.

Most of us remember American rapper, singer, and songwriter Rayshawn Lamar Bennett aka YFN Lucci from his popular hit songs like Wet, Everyday We Lit, and Key to the Streets.

But recently the 30 years old rapper teeth is the one that’s been trending over the media. Arrays of trolls started to fire at Lucci shark-type teeth after the rapper showed it via a short clip of getting them removed for cleaning purposes. So in order to know what cooking on the Internet ahead, we present you with all the details of YFN Lucci trending teeth.

YFN Lucci Teeth Before and After

If you are following Lucci on social media, precisely on Instagram then you guys might know that he posted a video of himself getting his $120, 000 worth of grills removed for cleaning purposes. But since then his teeth have been trolling around the internet, precisely in Twitter, & Reddit.

Watch: YFN Lucci Getting His $120, 000 Grills Removed

As you can see in the video, the rapper getting his grills removed, and below we have presented you the rapper’s real teeth without veneers, grills, and such.

Lucci Teeth Without Grill Trolled Calling Baby Shark Teeth, Dogs Teeth, and More

The rapper glitched the internet after the rapper showed his real dismantled teeth after removing his diamond grill removed. His look surely was shocking as no one ever predicted it looking like that.

Rapper YFN Lucci before after teeth grills, vaneers

Lucci teeth with Veneers, Grills, and Real!
Image Source: Empireboobookitty

As on the above images, you can see three different looks of the Heartless rapper; the one on the ‘left’ articulates pictures of Bennett with veneers installed, similarly, on the right one is YFN look with his diamond grills.

And the real one previewed in the middle is the snap that was posted by the rapper on his Instagram Story. Don’t know what buzzed on Lucci’s head but he came up with his real dental look straight up in his 4.3 million followed Instagram.

Followers started Ever since Lucci posted his grills removed teeth, fans trolled Lucci teeth calling it Dogs teeth, cartoon No, David, and even named as baby shark teeth. Twitter was flooded with different trolls of the rapper. Beitasitbe Lucci simply is nailing his no Grillz looks.

What Happened to Lucci’s Teeth?

The rapper is yet to testify the exact reason behind his scattered teeth and looking at its structure its probable genetics as his tooth is small and not well aligned.

YFN Lucci bad teeth

Lucci flexing his teeth. 
Image Source: Instagram

And there also seems no cavity or past record of any accidents. So analyzing YFN teeth, his teeth are genetically in a bad form. That’s much of it, we hope you found answers to your queries.

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