Professional Football Player Luis Suarez Teeth Details!!!

Professional Football Player Luis Suarez Teeth Details!!!

Know all the details about the Uruguayan professional football player Luis Suarez Teeth, Before and After, Bites, Dental enhancements and more

The fame of Luis Suarez is so much global that everyone knows about the Uruguayan football player. Getting recognition from his awesome performances in each of the game, he really has a huge followers and admirers.

Luis-Suarez (1)

The snippet of the footballer
Image Source: WoodGram

The professional footballer also is one of the highest paid players currently playing for Atletico Madrid as a forward. Besides his games and incomes, people are also obsessed with his teeth after the famous bite in 2014 world cup.

What happened to his teeth? Has he done any dental enhancements in the past? Know all about his before and after teeth, bites in the game, dental appointments and more.

Three Bites are recorded of the player

Everyone was shocked to learn about the famous bite in 2014 when Luis bit Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini. The incident became so serious that the Uruguayan player had to be banned for nine games. Previously too, he had similar incidents of biting player in the ground. The first incident was recorded in 2010 when he bit PSV Eindhoven’s Otman Bakkal.

Luis Suarez after bite in 2014 world cup (1)

Chiellini and Suarez after the incident 
Image Source: Sky Sports

Not long after the first bite, he again got suspended for 10 games after biting Chelsea’s Branislov Ivanovic. The incident happened in 2013. After a year later, Suarez didn’t know he would be banned from 9 games of the World Cup 2014.

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The last bite of the player got so much attention as the captain of the Italy was seriously injured. Some pictures showed the bite marks as well which were pretty serious. Along with these type incidents, everybody started wondering about former Barcelona player’s teeth.

How are Luis Suarez Teeth Now?

The incident also showed that the player’s teeth really were strong. Looking at some of his pictures, he has perfectly aligned teeth. His front upper teeth are quite distinct. However, his teeth are perfect in their own way and provided a great appearance to him as well.

Luis Suarez Teeth (1)

His upper front teeth are distinct
Image Source: NY Daily News

Several accidents are common thing in a player’s life. Similar incidents have been recorded with Suarez as well. So, he might have done some improvements over his teeth to maintain his appearance.

He also confessed about the 2014 bite saying he felt a sudden rush of pain in his teeth like they were falling out. Later, he might have taken dental appointments for gaining back the strength of the teeth. Balls also have penned an article about the player getting punched in the face and lost a teeth as well.

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But within short course of time, he was back with sparkling and full teeth which were quite healthy. It proves us that he visits dentist on a regular basis for the health of his teeth. Furthermore, his then and now pictures have shown some differences in his teeth. So, he also might have adopted procedure of braces for his better looks.

The 35-year-old player is active on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as well. Stay connected at every one of them for any new updates about the star as well his health.

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