Golf Player Lydia Ko Teeth Fix, Veneers, Whitening, Fake or Real

Lydia Ko Teeth

Today, we are going to talk about Lydia Ko Teeth. Have you ever heard the name of Lydia Ko? If you haven’t, well you should have. Cause she has been able to set her name in the field of golf. The New Zealand golfer reached her fame peak after she got ranked #1 golfer among women.

More than that, the fascinating fact is that the golfer only has just turned 23. Along with her golfing fame, people also have shown a great interest in her appearance and her cute teeth.

Is Lydia Ko Teeth Fake or Real?

What about her teeth is so fascinating? Being a celebrity makes everything about you questionable. So, the golf player also has been under several suspicions regarding her teeth.

Lydia wore a veneer a year before and is still unclear about her continuation. Following through her celebrity life, she once showed her things inside a golf bag where she had kept “her teeth”.

Lydia Ko Teeth

What do you think about her teeth?
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Nzherlad has presented about such an encounter with the player. She later explained that she was wearing aligners and she always keep a toothbrush, toothpaste, and some floss just in case.

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To present her actual words, she said, “I just actually started Invisalign which is a type of braces … I have my teeth, I call them my teeth.”

Teeth Whitening and Enhancement

Besides, people also appreciate her side extra teeth which have added beauty to her. Talking about other enhancements, she also must have done teeth whitening as her teeth look perfectly healthy and fine.

Lydia before and after teeth compare

Compare her teeth yourself
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However, it is just our guess until she admits and talks about it. Stay connected to her Instagram for any updates and her personal life.

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Other than that, she is a great example and a source of motivation to achieve such a reputation in her early twenties. We wish her good luck for future games and the overall future.

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