Lyn May plastic surgery

Details on Lyn May Plastic Surgery and Her Pregnancy Updates!!!

Find out all about actress Lyn May and details about her plastic surgery and pregnancy.

Mendiola de Chi aka Lyn May, is a Mexican vedette, exotic dancer, and actress. During the 1970s and 1980s, the actress was one of the most popular Mexican vedettes and one of the main stars of Fichera’s cinema.

Currently, People have been talking a lot about the former Mexican vedette for two reasons. Firstly, it’s because of her recent plastic surgery, and secondly, it is because of her pregnancy news.

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Lyn May Plastic Surgery

When you compare Lyn May’s old photos to her current look you will find a very easily noticeable difference.  Lyn has clearly gone through plastic surgery procedures. According to, the Mexican actress has done Eyelift (blepharoplasty), nose job (rhinoplasty), cheek implants, lip injections. A lifetime supply of facial fillers, perhaps Juvederm or Restylane among numerous other injectables. This will make her face puffy and doughy looking for as long as she lives.

Plastic surgery is nothing new know days as many celebrities are insecure with their appearance. They spend any amount of money to get a perfect look. However, the case of Lyn has grabbed all the headlines as her plastic surgery went horribly wrong.

Lyn-May Plastic Surgery
        Lyn-May Plastic Surgery (Image Source: Celebsdiaries)

Well for starters her head looks twice the size it should be. Fans are shocked by her appearance-how does your head grow from plastic surgery? People are saying that her head reminds them of the clown of the movie ‘Saw’.

Furthermore, her large cheeks bones and full lips are also a huge issue, they seem to look very unnatural. It’s as if she is smiling 24/7. Additionally, many have noticed that her breast now seemed larger than her previous pictures.

When Lyn has interviewed about her present form, May admitted that she went through multiple surgeries to remove the foreign material. What Foreign material do you ask? well, the actress says that someone offered her what she initially thought was baby oil promising to help her keep a youthful appearance.

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The product had no negative side effects in the beginning however, later caused a serious abscess in her face. Furthermore, there was a point in Lyn’s life that she thought of suicide taking excessive tabloids as one could not bear the physical pain.

Fortunately, it didn’t result in that. Moreover, Lyn is yet to disclose the person’s name who offered her the product.

Lyn Pregnancy News

The former Mexican vedette revealed on her social media that she is has been pregnant for three months and that the father of her baby is the singer Markos D1. Bear in mind that Markos is 30 years younger than her.

“I am very happy to announce that I am 3 months pregnant and Markos D1 is very happy that he will be dad,” she wrote.

Getting more into her relationship, Lyn and Markos D1 have publicized there are dating since 2019. Following this, the actress also added that they have been engaged for while but did not publicize it. Meanwhile, the musician is yet to officially comment on his expected fatherhood.

Lyn May and her partner
    Lyn May and her partner (Image Source: Mundo Hispanico)

We hope that nothing wrong goes with the actress’s pregnancy as doctors say that older women can have many issues if they are pregnant. Furthermore, Pregnancy can cause kidney failure, gestational diabetes, and pre-eclampsia, which consists of hypertension and indicators of injury to a different organ system.

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There has not been any bad news regarding the actress’s health condition till now.

If Lyn’s pregnancy goes well she would comfortably break the Guinness World Record of the oldest woman to have given birth. Previously it was a woman Maria del Carmen Bousada Lara aged 66 years and 358 days who delivered twins.

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