'Mother of Blues' Ma Rainey Teeth, Sexuality, Husband, Accusations

Ma Rainey Teeth, Sexuality, Husband, Accusations

Grab all hidden facts of the “mother of the blues” Ma Rainey gold teeth, bisexual relationship, husband, marriage, and divorce details.

Ma Rainey who is also recognized as the“Mother of the Blues,” was quite an interesting figure in real. For those who have watched the latest movie ‘Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom,’ then you might be well who Ma Rainey was professionally and personally.

For those who are yet to watch a biopic, the In the movie, Viola Davis presents a nuanced portrait of a black woman who was quite ahead of her time. Not spoiling you much of the story, ahead we present you with all the intriguing details that her followers for a long time have been searching over the internet.

Did Ma Rainey Really Have Gold Teeth? Or No Teeth!

Yes, Ma Rainey had gold teeth. Matter of fact her gold teeth are one of the factors that make her remarkable from the rest. During her concert, she used to show up stylish with unique dresses and her teeth sparkled while she sang. Audiences used to love it, her style, fashion, and soulful vocal.

Did Ma Rainey Really Have Gold Teeth? Or No Teeth!

Yes, Ma Rainey has gold teeth.
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She always showed up with heavy jewelry and spread those classical musical vibes through her magical blues. Another as Ma openly shares her gold teeth in her videos, so it’s obvious that she has a gold tooth.

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While many fans also believe that Ma used the gold teeth to fill up her teeth gap, but we cannot totally say whether it’s because of bad teeth used tooth crown to cover or entire gold teeth!

Was Ma Rainey a Lesbian?

With the news of Rainey’s gold teeth, there are also some critics who claim Ma Rainey represents the LGBTQ community. But if we dig inside Ma’s history she was believed to be ‘Bisexual’.

ma rainey lesbian

Ma Rainey is bisexual.
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When she was 18, she married William “Pa” Rainey, but the two later split. Bessie Smith, who is regarded as the “Empress of Blues,” was also rumored to be in a relationship with an ‘undisclosed’ female lady. Not much has been documented about Ma’s female lovers. As such, it cannot be treated as a verified narrative.

And if we go a little deeper into her personal life then there are rumors then there that Ma had kidnapped a young Bessie Smith while she was establishing her career in the showbiz industry. That’s not it, in 1925, Ma was jailed in Chicago. The previous night, she threw an all-female party that was supposedly an orgy, which led to her arrest. Her protege, the Smith, apparently bailed her out the next morning.

Who Was Ma Rainey’s Husband?

Back in 1904, Ma Rainey was married to William “Pa” Rainey. Over their marital years, both husband and wife traveled together in minstrel shows. They were also recognized for being Rabbit’s Foot Company. Sadly the couple decided to part their ways after their relationship in 1916 after it started to seem toxic for each other.

Ma Rainey was married to William “Pa” Rainey.

A snippet of William and Ma Rainey.
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That’s it for now, she has an entire biopic based on her life, so for other in-depth details, you can also watch the movie. And you can also see an old snippet of blues queen Ma Rainey with her husband William.

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