Maciah Bilodeau

Maciah Bilodeau – Everything about Misty Raney husband Bilodeau’s bio, net worth, marital status, and more in detail

Maciah Bilodeau is the husband of Misty Raney who is famous for appearing in the discovery channel show “Homestead Builders” with her family members.

People who follow the show know all about her. However, her husband Bilodeau who is a professional surfer is not in the limelight much and many don’t know much about him. Thus, we have created this article for you to read regarding all about him.

Who is Maciah Bilodeau? Age, Ethnicity

Maciah was born on March 30, 1980. The surfer has also been a part of the series Homestead Rescue. Bilodeau belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity and holds an American nationality. He was raised in Anaconda Montana, with his family. His origin can date back to Western France. The 41-year-old has not revealed anything about his parents.

Misty and Maciah
             Misty and Maciah (Image Source: Follow News )

Furthermore, the 41 years old athlete is an overall humble guy coming from an average American household. He doesn’t have any accounts on the social media platform.

How Maciah Bilodeau Met His Wife Misty Raney 

Maciah met his future wife, Misty around 20 years ago- they’ve been together since 2000. However, the date of their wedding is still not unveiled. The couple welcomed their first child named Gauge on 14 April 2011.

Maciah and his son
                              Surfer and his son in water activity                                                                (Image Source: bioagewho )

Moreover, the father-son duo indulges in water activities as Maciah loves surfing. This just shows how strong their bond is. Nevertheless, she did talk a little about their marriage when she wished her husband on their 15th wedding anniversary.

People speculate that the two fell in love because of their passion for surfing. The Bilodeau in summer helped the family with the stock, collecting food, and hunting in Alaska. Later on, in the winter season, the pair relocate to their house in Hawaii.

How Much is Maciah Net Worth?

As of today, there is no sure information about how much Bilodeau earns. Thus, we are not clear on his total net worth. Seems like, Maciah is just a common and doesn’t have a rich background.

Maciah and Misty in trip (Image Source: Instagram)
              Maciah and Misty on a trip (Image Source: Instagram)

Moreover, as for job descriptions, the surfer is a pretty good carpenter. According to the website indeed, the average base salary of a carpenter is $21.19 per hour in the United States and $6,750 annually.

According to Misty’s Instagram account, the surfer seems to work with the Homestead Builder behind the scenes.

On the other hand, his wife Misty is worth $500,000. Previously in 2019, it was $200,000. Misty is an experienced constructor and farmer and professional mountaineer, with a license in mountain guide.

Misty, her brother and dad
         Misty, her brother, and dad (Image Source: TV Overmind)

Moreover, she earns most of her income from appearing in the show, Homestead Rescue alongside her brother Matt Raney and father Marty Raney.

Her father Marty’s net worth is yet to be unveiled but some claim it’s $1 million. Furthermore, her brother Matt has an estimated net worth of around $1 million. The fortune of the family is sure to rise in a couple of years because of the frequent increase in its popularity.

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Furthermore, Misty and Maciah are having a lavish life. The pair have owned two houses one of them is an 800 square feet wooden cabin in Hatcher Pass, Alaska, and the other is a fancy house in Hawaii. Misty has also shared posts on their family time trips.

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