Helen Hunt Plastic Surgery, Facelift, Botox, Car Accident, Movies & Twister

‘Mad About You’ star Helen Hunt Rumored to Have Done Plastic Surgery After Car Accident

Everything about I See You star Helen Hunt rumored plastic surgery, Facelift, and Botox. Also, learn the facts about her car accident.

Helen Elizabeth Hunt aka Helen Hunt is an American actress and filmmaker. Furthermore, the CA native has featured in blockbuster movies like As Good As It Gets, Twister, The Sessions, A Good Woman, and more. And being the part of such hit movies, she has able to win four Emmy Awards.

But, the talented actress who has been recognized for her best performance has been recently alleged to undergo the knife. Did Hunt have done cosmetic surgery? What’s the truth behind her current facial appearance. Let’s explore Helen Hunt plastic surgery facts, car accidents, and more.

Helen Hunt Rumored Plastic Surgery includes Facelift and Botox

If you have been following the trending news recently then you might have already heard that What Women Want star, Helen Hunt was rumored to have done plastic surgery. Well, the rumors emerged when the actress’s facial appearance was changed in her recent projects.

Have a look at the Before and After Snippet of Helen Hunt Plastic Surgery
Image Source: Celeb’s Diaries

From the above before and after comparison snippet of Helen Hunt plastic surgery, it’s quite understandable why people suspected her of undergoing cosmetic surgery. The talented actress was born in the year 1963 and now is in her late fifties. It’s the age where the face started to get wrinkles and the skin started to get sloppy. And, to get rid of it, Facelift and Botox are best for it.

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It seems that she has done a Facelift and Botox to remove her wrinkles. However, I See You star is rumored to have done surgery, she hasn’t yet publicly confirmed it.

Conclusion of ‘Twister’ star Helen Hunt Plastic Surgery; People’s Response on Her New Face

Helen Hunt has been recently the subject of plastic surgery as people get to see her different face in her 2019 projects. First, people saw her new appearance in World on Fire and then in I See You. And, seeing her new looks distracted some people and they criticized her new face.

'Mad About You' star Helen Hunt is alleged to have done plastic surgery

‘Mad About You’ star Helen Hunt is alleged to have done plastic surgery
Image Source: Instagram (@helenhunt)

One said

What the hell is wrong with Helen Hunt’s face?

Another said

I’m trying to watch the BBC/PBS WW2 miniseries #WorldOnFirePBS & I’m completely distracted by Helen Hunt’s face which now looks like a painfully taut wax skull mask w/ a strange mouth. Is it VFX? If not, wouldn’t natural wrinkles be better than such cosmetic/surgical extremism?
Another tweeted

OMFG, watching movie “I SEE YOU.” Helen Hunt’s face-lift is shockingly TERRIBLE, to the point where it’s frightening.

However, some people are quite distracted by her new appearance while others say that it could be due to bizarre visual effects. It’s still unclear if the American actress has gone through cosmetic surgery as she has not talked anything about it.

Details About Helen Hunt Car Accident!

Well, Mad About You star Helen Hunt was involved in a car accident in 2019. As a matter of fact, the car crash happened at the end of 2019 in Los Angeles. The unbelievable moment was scary news for her beloved fans.

Helen Hunt was transferred to a nearby hospital after the car crash

Helen Hunt was transferred to a nearby hospital after the car crash
Image Source: TMZ

Gossip Cop mentioned, during the car crash, the American actress was traveling in SUV. While trying to cross an intersection, her car was clipped by another vehicle, which led her car to flip. As soon as her car flipped, Helen was reported to transport quickly to a nearby hospital.

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Her representative Stephen Huvane told her fans to don’t worry as he said Hunt has “no major injuries.” On the next day after the crash, the actress was reported to recovering at her home.

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