Maitland Ward Plastic Surgery

Maitland Ward Plastic Surgery

Everything you need to know about Maitland Ward plastic surgery before and after images comparison in detail.

Ashley Maitland Welkos, aka Maitland Ward, is an American actress and model. The actress made her first debut as Jessica Forrester on the CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful.

Besides this Ward has received mainstream success as “Rachel McGuire” from the hit prime-time series, Boy Meets World (1993). She starred in the ABC comedy for three years.

I remember her for starring in the comedy White Chicks (2004) with the Wayans Brothers.

Nonetheless, let us discuss the actress going under the knife. We compared her before and after images to find out what really happened.

Maitland Ward Plastic Surgery

Honestly speaking going under the knife is not a big deal for the ones that are involved in the limelight on a daily basis. As per the type of cosmetic procedure available on the internet, there are many procedures celebs like to do.

Some of the popular plastic surgeries are Buttock lift, chin, cheek, or jaw reshaping (facial implants or soft tissue augmentation), breast augmentation, and breast implant removals,.

In addition to this, television personality nose reshaping (Rhinoplasty) and eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) is also quite favored.

Unfortunately, the only fans star has not spoken up about her going under the knife. And there have not been any sites yet that have discussed anything about her enhancement.

Firstly the adult movie actress has never discussed having plastic surgery. She has also not disclosed anything about planning to have enhancements.

Maitland Ward Plastic Surgery Procedures

There are also no reliable sites that have detailed anything about it. So we had to do some digging ourselves.

First analyzing her timeline, we found that Maitland has had botox surgeries done. Just notice her tightened and stretched forehead skin.

She was born on February 3, 1977. Her age is 45 years. So we must have noticed wrinkles and fine lines, in a few of her new photos. This made us believe that she has had botox done.

                     Maitland Ward Plastic Surgery (Before and After) (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

Lip fillers are also another surgery we believe she did. The thickness and plumpness can be noticed on both her upper and lower lips.

A breast implant is also what we predict, as we compared her before and after snippets, her breast size has drastically changed. A breast implant is a general thing adult movie actresses prefer as it makes them look more appealing.

You can also notice her having a rhinoplasty, her nose and nostril looked wider when she was younger but now they have shrunk. This is a clear indication that Maitland has had a nose job.

Talking about Maitland having any tattoos, we didn’t find any. As per her ethnicity, she is of mixed ethnicity. She has English, German, and Norwegian ancestry.

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