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Margaret Qualley Age, Height, Sister, Daughter, Parents, Net Worth

Find out all the facts about Margaret Qualley’s age, height, sister Rainey Qualley, daughter, parents, and $3 million net worth.

Margaret Qualley is widely known as an American actress. Margaret joined ballerina training and also was a model before being an actress. Moreover, her first acting role was in the drama film Palo Alto in2013.

The American actress first came into recognition when she appeared in the HBO series The Leftovers. Moreover, Qualley portrayed a troubled teenager in the TV series.

Recently, the Primetime Emmy Award nominee has appeared on the Netflix series Maid. Read more to find all the details about Margaret Qualley’s age, height, sister, daughter, parents, and net worth.

Margaret Qualley age, height, parents, and more

Margaret Qualley was born on 23 October 1994 in Montana, the U.S. So what is Margaret’s age? Qualley is 27 years old as of 2021. Many fans are also keen on knowing the Adam actress’s height. The 27-year-old is 5 feet 8 inches tall in height. In addition, her weight is between 56 kg to 59 kg.

                     Margaret Qualley (Image Source: Instagram)

The 5 feet 8 inches tall actress’s parents are Andie MacDowell and Paul Qualley. Moreover, her father Paul is a model, musician, and contractor. In addition, her mother is a model and actress.

Unfortunately, her parents split when Margaret was five years old. Furthermore, her parents had two kids, a son and a daughter before Margaret.

Margaret can be found on social media apps like Twitter and Instagram. Moreover, the Maid actress is adored by her fans and she has over a million followers on her Instagram account margaretqualley.

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Also, the daughter of Andie joined Twitter as @margaretqrus in August 2014 and has gathered 1,314 followers ever since. In addition, the American celebrity has a Wikipedia page.

Margaret Qualley Sister

Margaret has two older siblings, a brother, and a sister. Moreover, Qualley’s elder brother’s name is Justin, and her sister’s name is Rainey Qualley. Furthermore, Rainey was born on March 11, 1990. Apparently, she is 4 years older than Margaret.

          Margaret Qualley and her sister (Image Source: Instagram)

Rainey too is an actress just like her younger sister. In addition, the 31-year-old actress was born in New York City, U.S. Moreover, both Qualley sisters were young women from upper-class family backgrounds.

Also, they debuted together at Bal DesDébutantesin Paris. In addition, the Qualley sisters have been said to follow in their mother’s footsteps. Their mother, Andie MacDowell was an actress just like the sisters.

However, the older of the two sisters has also started her career in music in 2015. Thus, fans can notice that Rainey’s appearance as an actress is fewer than Margaret’s.

It is simply because the 31-year-old is working towards her musical career. We can find Rainey on Instagram as @rainsford. Moreover, the singer owns the website

Furthermore, she likes to share her music and life on her Instagram account. On September 19, Rainey shared a photo with her boyfriend. According to the post, the Mad Men actress had been in a relationship since last year.

Unfortunately, the 31-year-old hasn’t revealed much about her boyfriend. Has the Qualley sister left acting? No, the singer hopes to work in both fields, singing and acting. Although Rainey’s credits are few in acting roles, her younger sister has been successful in making her name in the TV and movies industry.

Margaret and her sister, Rainey grew up on a ranch in Missoula, Montana. Later on, the siblings moved to Asheville when the younger sister turned four. In 2017, the two sisters starred in the music video for a single “Sweet Sound of Ignorance” by Soko.

Also, the Maid lead actress lived with her older sister in Los Angeles till 2019. Together they own a dog called Books. Furthermore, One Upon a Time in Hollywood looks up to her sister as an idol and best friend in the whole world.

Who is Margaret Qualley, Daughter?

Does Margaret Qualley have a daughter? No, she does not have a daughter. The 27-year-old actress portrayed a role of a young mother in the Netflix drama series Maid. Thus, many fans may be wondering does the actress has a daughter in real life.

In the Netflix series, Qualley played the role of Alex who gave birth to a daughter at a young age. However, the actress does not have a daughter off-screen.

Moreover, she never had any children or a daughter of her own till now. Another thing that may come as a shock to viewers is the woman playing the role of Alex’s mother is Margaret’s own mother Andie MacDowell.

In an interview with USA Today, Andie said that every moment was precious to her when acting in the series with her daughter. In addition, the 63-year-old wanted to do a good job because of the fear that another opportunity to work with her daughter would not happen again.

Margaret Qualley Net Worth in Millions

The net worth of Margaret Qualley is estimated to be $3 million US dollars as of 2021. The 27-year-old started acting as a career in 2013. Moreover, she has been working as a professional actress ever since. Before working as an actress, Margaret joined an apprenticeship at the American Ballet Theatre to be a ballerina.

       Margaret Qualley with a smile (Image Source: Instagram)

Moreover, the model had moved away from home at the age of 14 to study dance at the North Carolina School of the Arts till the Debutante was 16 years of age. Later on, Qualley quit dancing and worked as a model in New York. However, the young dancer quit modeling to be an actor.

In 2021, the actress was nominated as Best Actress at Prix Iris Awards. Margaret has appeared as the lead character in the TV series The Leftovers and Maid.

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Also, she got the role of Ann Reinking in the mini-series Fosse/Verdon. Moreover, the actress was praised for her work in portraying the dancer Ann. In 2019, the actress got a role in the movie Seberg alongside Kristen Stewart.

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