Mark Wahlberg Weight Gain, Diet Plans, Workouts, Father Stu and more

Mark Wahlberg Weight Gain

Mark Wahlberg Gained Weight More than 20 Pounds in just three weeks for a role in his new movie ‘Stu’. Know all the Details about his Weight Gain and the New Movie.

Mostly, actors or celebrities go through weight loss for their fitness and attractive physical appearance. The American actor Mark Wahlberg went in contrast by gaining a significant weight over a couple of weeks. Mark has been gaining fans from his appearance in more than a couple of dozens of movies and series.

Mark Wahlberg Unbelievable Weight Gain

From the movies, people are used to seeing Mark with his bulging biceps and perfect body. However, lately, he has been gaining weight intentionally. The actor informed about his weight gain through his Instagram. His actual words were, “I’m up about 20. Inspired to be better! I’m going up another 20. Yes, it’s for a role.”

Mark Wahlberg Weight Gain

Mark Wahlberg has gained significant weight 
Image Source: Instagram

Although it hasn’t been clear, what role is he doing in the transformation, USAToday mentioned that he will be playing a role of a “fighter-turned-priest”. The actor has been focused determined as he has gained a significant amount in just a couple of weeks. Besides, he is going further to put on weight as much as he wants.

He has a Further plan to Gain Weight

The actor even revealed his goal through Jimmy Kimmel Live that he has a target to gain extra 30 pounds in about six weeks. The actor has been putting his hands on every grocery he wants.

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However, he also explained he has been going under such transformation under the watch of a professional. So, fans have nothing to worry about as his procedure and routine are healthy.

 Marks’ Diet for Weight Gain

The food we eat has a lot of impact on how we look. So, Mark also has given the emphasis on high-calorie foods. His food routine falls under white rice, pork chops, eggs, protein shakes, pasta, chicken, and others.

Mark Wahlberg Weight Gain

Compare yourself how much has he gain weight
Image Source: Instagram

Wahlberg’s personal chef also revealed the actor has been eating 7-8 meals a day. Mark also has been eating almond butter, jam, and molasses before going to sleep.

Mark Wahlberg in ‘Father Stu’

People mentioned the name of the film as ‘Father Stu’. The name of the film makes sense, a boxer turned into a priest. The oscar-nominated actor even shared a side-by-side photo of his progressiveness over three weeks. And that is appreciable. However, Mark Wahlberg is not only the person going through the transformation, but Will Smith also has been gaining some weight for the series.

Mark Wahlberg

Have a look at star Mark Wahlberg
Image Source: etonline

After a gap of about 5 years, the actor seems to be being back with a bang. Following the weight gain and such transformation, the fans and followers have been showing excitement for the movie.

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