Marshal Yanda Weight Loss After Retiring From The NFL

Marshal Yanda Weight Loss After Retiring From The NFL

Find out all the details about Marshal Yanda’s weight loss, before and after, and more details.

Marshal Yanda is a famous Football Player, born on September 15, 1984, in the United States. Moreover, he is an offensive lineman who played college football at the University of Iowa and debuted in the NFL for the Baltimore Ravens in 2007.

Furthermore, he was a former football guard for the Baltimore Ravens in NFL. He is a Super Bowl Champion XLVII winner, a seven-time All-Pro, and much more.

Did the football player go through weight loss? Players are mostly seen to be gaining weight after their retirements, but he has been known to lose a huge amount of weight. How did he go through such weight loss? Read more to find more details about his weight loss, before and after, and more details.

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Marshal Yanda Weight Loss

Has the former football player Marshal Yanda gone through weight loss? Marshal Yanda is one of the latest retired football players who has lost a huge amount of weight.

Marshal Yanda Weight Loss Before and After Retirement (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

Players usually gain some amount of weight after their retirement but incase of Marshal he has lost 64 pounds in the first four months. Learn more to see how did he lose weight?

How did he lose his weight? According to him, he was able to lose weight by working out and eating less, telling “The Pat McAfee Show,” “I didn’t really realize it at the time how much I was doing to keep that weight on, but obviously, it has come off fast, and shoot, I feel so much better.”

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The 37 years old former player was able to lose weight because of his dedication to controlling diet and workouts. However. weight loss is not easy, it takes lots of rules to change your lifestyle. He has changed his lifestyle and adopted new habits.

Marshal Yanda Weight Loss Before and After

How much weight did Marshal Yanda have before? The Former Baltimore Ravens Pro Bowl offensive lineman Marshal Yanda was 312 pounds when he was playing his final NFL game. However, he retired after the 2019 season and 13 years in the league, all with the Baltimore Ravens.

Marshal Yanda Weight Loss (Image Source: Instagram)

How much does he weigh now? Marshal has lost his weight to 248 pounds after five months of his retirement. How much weight did he lose? He lost 64 pounds in the first five months of his retirement.

As he did, the most important thing is to control your diet and workouts. He also mentioned that during his playing career, Yanda used to eat a standard 6,000 calories a day. But, now he only eats around 2,200 calories on a normal day. He also mentioned that his pants are getting looser. He used to wear pants as big as size-44 waist. Now, he wears pants of size-38 and that also feels loose on him.

Moreover, he also went on a trip after his retirement, and there he caught a 270 pounds fish. He revealed that tuna has become his major nutrition and gets it as fresh as he can.

Sometimes, he also gives himself a break from the diet and treats himself with good food that he loves. However, he also noticed that he has started to feel full faster than before.

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Yanda also has been up to an avid stationary bike user during his retirement. During his ride of around 45 minutes, he also burns huge calories and also builds strength.

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