Mary Wiseman Weight Gain Reason! Is it Due to Pregnancy?

Mary Wiseman Weight Gain Reason! Is it Due to Pregnancy?

Find out the details on Mary Wiseman Weight Gain Reason, Pregnancy Rumors, and more. 

Mary Wiseman is a 36-years-old actress who is popular for her role in Star Trek: Discovery. Her date of birth is July of 1985.

Moreover, she is from a good family and since her childhood, she had a dream of being on stage. Her dream came true when she got worldwide fame for the portrayal of Sylvia in the Parmount+ series Star Trek: Discovery.

Is the actress married? The actress is happily married to Noah Averbach Katz. They met each other in 2013 and they were from the same college. They got married in 2019. Talking about her net worth, it’s estimated to be around $1 Million.

She has an IMDb page where she has 13 acting credits. She had risen in  Sylvia Tilly in the TV series Star Trek: Discovery.

Recently, the actress has been noticeable with a certain weight gain and has been a matter of concern for her fans and followers.

What might be the reason for her weight gain? Is she pregnant? Are the rumors true? Read more to get detailed information about her Weight Gain Reason, Pregnancy Rumors, and more.

Mary Wiseman Weight Gain

Marry Wiseman has suddenly fluctuated her body type and gained weight. Moreover, this has become a topic to get into for her fans and followers.

Star Trek: Discovery. Actress (Image Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, rumors about her pregnancy have become viral all over for her weight gain. Furthermore, she hasn’t disclosed any information if she had kids before. Rumors started when some thorny Star Trek Discovery fans noticed that she had gained a few pounds between seasons.

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She also knows the effect of her weight gain and the impact of fans looking at a full-figured lady thriving on Discovery.

Is Mary Wiseman Pregnant? Weight Gain Reason

The rumors are going viral all over about her weight gain in pregnancy? Is the rumor true? Is she pregnant? It doesn’t seem for the rumor to be true. Mary Wiseman is not pregnant. We cannot find any clue about that anywhere, Even when we look at her picture in the social media accounts, any picture cannot be seen with a baby bump.

People started making a thoughtless statements about her body and blamed her for an unhealthy lifestyle. In an interview with Forbes, she stated that she hopes to utilize her platform to support individuals who have been victims of bullying and body shaming.

Wiseman remarked, “Especially my curvy women out there who like to watch another full-figured, obese, curvy, chunky lady get to feel powerful and use her bulk to command authority.”

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For the negative press, she has got support from her fans and her coworkers, including Trek actor Kate Mulgrew and they, defended her.

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