Matt Birk Weight Loss 75 Pounds and 10 Inches For Modeling

Matt Birk Weight Loss

Matt Birk Weight Loss

Former NFL Star Matt Birk Lost 75 pounds and 10 inches for Joining Vi Modeling

The former Football star Matt Birk has again filled the internet with the news of his transformation through weight loss. Unlike most NFL players, Matt didn’t stop working out even after his retirement. It has nearly been about 7 years since the Former Baltimore Ravens center Birk left the sport. Surprising most fans, he continued working out and proper exercise after a month. As seen recently, Baltimore Ravens has said that the player lost about 75 pounds and 10 inches from his waist only.

Matt Birk Weight Loss

He looks like a totally Different Person
Image Source: Grunge

The player has just gained weight for the match reaching about 310 pounds at his last game. The media are also surprised to see the photos of his transformation. Some also have claimed that seeing the player now is similar to watching Baywatch. The Drone Fest also has posted dozens of pictures trying to explain to the readers about his awesome transformation.

Matt Birk Workout and Diet For Weight Loss

After retiring, it would have been easy to have some milk and naps than a continuous workout and strict diet. After the rise of the player’s name in the media, it has set a huge example for other retired players too. Maybe most players may be in a good shape at their retirement but Matt was a heavy calorie consumer at his time. In fact, ESPN The Magazine also mentioned in an article that he used to consume about 7,000 calories a day which gives us an idea about his heavyweight.

He had an overweight Before

He had an overweight Before
Image Source: Idol Persona

After the weight loss, he now has the appearance of a healthy and charming player. He even might have the chance to return to the team but it is not his goal at all. Also, the age has touched the player and he can’t pick up the speed as before.

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The humorous Birk also mentioned in an interview, “I’ve lost all that weight, but I’m still slow as molasses. For some reason, my speed didn’t go up.”

Weight Loss For Modeling?

You may have been wondering about the actual reason behind the star’s weight loss. You are partially right for his personal looks but the retired NFL player is also running to be a cover model for a magazine sponsored by fitness company Visalus. So, even if he cannot get the recent title, he has a goal to become the next Vi Model.

Matt Birk For Modeling

Matt Birk from NFL player to Modeling
Image Source: Twitter

The title has huge respect as there can only be two winners, one male, and one female from all over North America, Latin America, the United Kingdom, and French Canada. Besides, the modeling also has been creating some challenges to achieve one’s target in weight loss. Matt Birk was always a fat person from his young age. Due to his weight, he had some pressure in the NFL too. But exceeding the public’s expectation, he was a good and important player in his team. He was over 310 pounds while joining the Vi Model and now weighs about 235 pounds.

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He also has been an icon for a healthy lifestyle and fitness through Medical Daily. Thus, he seems happy and satisfied with his work and determination. You also can vote for Matt through the modeling page which ends on October 21.

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