Matthew McConaughey Hair Transplant, Teeth Fix, and Whitening

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Matthew David McConaughey is a well-known American actor and producer. The 51 years old star has been a part of 73 different movies and produced about 7 movies till 2021. Most of us probably know him from his popular role as the lead character in the movie Interstellar produced by Christopher Nolan.

Many of the fans have noticed over the year that their beloved actor has had some changes over his hairline. Many have speculated his hairline looks fine and strong compared to before. Let’s find out about his hair transformation.

Matthew McConaughey – Hair Transplant

Matthew has been in the acting scene for more than 3 decades now. And if you have been following him since then, you probably have noticed the drastic change in his hairline.

See any difference?

See any difference?
Image Source: YouTube

Yes, back in the days his head had few hairless spots in his temporal region. Many fans and specialists have looked into it and suggested he definitely had a hair transplant. However, the Gold producer has denied it up till now.

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When the actor was asked about hair transplant he simply replied it by saying he found a way to improve his hairline by using a product similar to the topic.

Before and After Possible Hair Transplant?

Speculating Matthew’s before and after pictures it’s obvious that he has had male pattern hair loss at the end of the 1990s. His hairline was balding backward from his frontal core. But now it seems to have returned to normal with even stronger roots and a well-defined hairline.

Matthew McConaughey's hair before and after hair transplant

Matthew McConaughey’s hair before and after hair transplant
Image Source: Marca

As we can see from the above picture he was already balding from the side which means his hair follicles are already lost. According to specialists, it is almost close to impossible to recover from that type of hair loss just through medication and the only possible solution is a hair transplant.

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Well being in the show business definitely requires both men and women to be at their best looks at all times as anytime, anything can hit them. Even if the Sing 2 lead actor has denied all the claims, the fans and critics are certain about his hair transplant. What do you think let us know in the comments.

Possibility of Teeth Fix? Also Teeth Whitening?

If you have been following Matthew McConaughey from the very beginning then you might have already noticed something suspicious in the Magic Mike star’s teeth.

Matthew McConaughey showing off his perfect teeth

Matthew McConaughey showing off his perfect teeth
Image Source: Insider

Well, MailOnline reported that the Oscar winner was spotted in Los Angeles at LAX Airport as one of his front teeth was discolored. And after people found out, they no longer help but started to speculate that Matthew has also gone through teeth fix. Not only that, but some people also claimed that he also whitened the teeth as he started to shows off perfect smiles.

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But the actor denied the rumors saying that he brushes his teeth five times a day. Even though he denied it, people still believe that he took help from a clinic for teeth fix and teeth whitening as he has been smiling perfectly nowadays. Also, visit his Instagram for more handsome smiles.

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