Matthew Perry Teeth in Friends Reunion, Dental Surgery, Slurred Speech

Matthew Perry Teeth Distracted Audiences in ‘Friends: The Reunion’!!!

Everything You Need to Know About Friends’ Cast Matthew Perry Teeth in ‘Friends: The Reunion, Dental Procedure, Slurred Speech, and more.

‘Friends: The Reunion’ has been creating different excitement among the fans during this pandemic situation. The six legendary friends have been back with a bang surprising everyone and putting an end to everyone’s patience. Released on May 27, the show has been getting a lot of appreciation and praise.

Chandler Bing’s Smile Caught Everyone’s Attention

Along with the enjoyment of the show, some fans have admitted Matthew Perry‘s teeth as well. As Chandler Bing started to tell about his memorable time on the show, people were distracted by his pearly teeth. After a while, fans got caught in the emotional moment when David and Jennifer told about their experience with tears in their eyes.

Matthew Perry Teeth (1)

His Teeth Caught the Attention at the Show
Image Source: The Sun

People started to put queries about Matthew’s teeth for a while. One of them even joked relating to an episode of the show, ‘The One With Ross’s Teeth’. Another comment also supported the statement saying,

“Matthew Perry’s teeth in this Friends Reunion show reminds me of that episode where Ross had brilliant white teeth that glowed in the dark.”

Followers are still on their way to clarify the reason behind Matthew’s white smile. After the show premiered, some even took the case to Twitter discussing how exceptionally white Chandler’s smile was on the camera. Stay connected with Matthew on his Instagram and Facebook.

Matthew Perry Slurred Speech and Teeth

When the Friends’ star sounded a bit different with his pronunciation, it was confirmed through the sun that Matthew had gone through some dental work recently. Going through dental work just before the episode had made him harder to speak or pronounce a word correctly.

Matthew Perry Teeth Now (1)

Look at his perfect Aligned Teeth
Image Source: Hello Magazine

People started to assume different things about the ‘slurred’ speech as the actor had been a drug addict in the past. However, Matthew has already said that he has been sober for a long time now.

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The actor had a harsh time with the alcohol and drug addiction at the time. He once even told the source that he didn’t remember three years of filming friends. He has been to rehab several times for it. The king of sarcasm also opened about his struggling times while casts were remembering the days.

Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing (1)

Matthew Perry As Chandler Bing on the Show
Image Source: Vulture

Mirror also brought attention to Matthew’s sparkling teeth that stole the limelight during the show. With several comments and explanation, the site have told that the star went through some dental procedures on the same day of April when the filming was done.

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Nydailynews also denied the public’s assumption and concluded saying the Friend’s star has gone under “emergency dental surgery”. We can imagine the actor’s compulsion to shoot just after the tooth procedure.

All we have to do is be grateful to all-stars, David Schimmer, Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, Matt Le Blanc, and Lisa Kudrow for their hard work to entertain audiences despite hard times.

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