Kristin Marino and her boyfriend

Meet the American TikTok star, Kristin Marino; Learn Her Wiki, Age, Dad, Boyfriend & Net Worth

Find out all about the American TikTok star Kristin Marino wiki, age, partner, boyfriend, dad, parents, and more

Kristin Marino is a famous TikTok star. What is this girl viral for? She is famous as a content creator on TikTok. She rose to fame when her prank videos got viral. After her success in TikTok, she has become popular for her fashion too. The TikTok world is run by the youth. We have done a bunch of articles relating to the most famous TikTok star right now. Click here to check it out.

Here, we will give all the details about this famous content creator. Since the popularity of the 24-year-old internet, many people want to know about Kristin Marino. So, we are giving all the details about her. First, we will cover what she used to do before she went viral. Second, we will look is Marino dating.

Does the TikTok star Have Wikipedia? Learn Her Bio

So far Kristin Marino’s Wikipedia page has not been published by anyone. Furthermore, she was born on 5 November 1997 in the United States. The TikTok star opened her account in March 2020. And now she has 1.2M followers on her TikTok account. Currently, Marino’s age is 23 years old (soon to be 24-years-old).

Kristin Marino dad and brother in 911
          The Snippet of  Kristin Marino (Image Source: Instagram)

Besides that, she has 120k followers on Instagram. There is one interesting fact about Kristin. Before her fame, she used to work on Disney World parks. The American TikTok has been keeping her account kristin_marino active by posting short videos daily.

Details about Her Dad

Kristin Marino posted on her Instagram page that on September 11, 2001, she lost her dad at the World Trade Center. She said her life had forever changed on that day. What happened that day? She writes she, her mom, and her brother surprised her dad at his firehouse Rescue 1 FDNY, her dad placed her and her brother in the front seats of the fire truck. But in a few hour’s time, that same truck was crushed by the debris of the World Trade Center. Suddenly they heard so many sirens.

Kristin Marino dad and brother in 911
             Kristin Marino and her dad (Image Source: Instagram)

Marino says her mother was told that the plane just hit the World Trade Center. She says she doesn’t remember much. But she does remember sitting in her car and watching the North tower collapse. That was the tower her dad had walked into. She mentions she knows her dad is watching from heaven. Lastly, she adds she loves her dad. Moreover, from her post, we can tell she has a mother and a younger brother as her family.

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She describes the above picture as the last one spent with my dad, he made breakfast for her & showered her mom with love, like he did every day, through pictures & stories she has heard about him & her mom. On 12th August she posted a picture of herself with her brother, father, and mother when she was just a kid. Furthermore, she wrote ’20 years later & it still hurts the same, I love you so much, my hero.’

Who Is Kristin Marino Boyfriend? Who Is She Dating Now?

Kristin Marino’s boyfriend is Noah Schnacky. Who is he? Noah Schnacky is a singer, artist, and social media influencer. On the contrary to his girlfriend, he has 1.1m followers on Instagram. He released his first official single “Hello Beautiful” on his 21st birthday in January 2018 and went on to sign with Big Machine Records. Noah then signed to Big Machine Record Label and know is represented by Abrams Artists Agency, Los Angeles, California. Furthermore, he has also worked with music producer Dann Huff.

Kristin Marino and her boyfriend
       Kristin Marino and her boyfriend (Image Source: Instagram)

In 2011, Schnacky was on an episode of How I Met Your Mother. Moreover, the singer also was a cast member in the snowmobile series HitStreak in 2013. Schnacky released the single, “Miami to LA,” in 2014. Noah is also seen as a young “Ryan Seacrest”, as he hosted for Radio Disney’s talk show “Kids Concerns” for seven years. However, they do not shy away from showing love for each other on their Instagram page. The duo is a business partner and often makes videos together.

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Both Noah and Kristin are of the same age, they don’t have an age gap. Moreover, their fans have loved to show them their support. They have yet to disclose when and how they actually might. Don’t worry as we will surely update the article as soon as anything regarding Kristin and her boyfriend pops up.

How Much Is Kristin Marino Net Worth?

So far, the blonde beauty’s net worth hasn’t been revealed. Most of her income comes from being a content creator. From this, she gets a lot of endorsements, media presence, and branding opportunities. Likewise, this type of recognition also makes it easier for her to land a TV series or even a movie to her name. But it is clear that she does have a fair amount of fortune. As she and her boyfriend have together found the company, Recapture Entertainment.

Kristin Marino net worth
       Kristin Marino in an expensive car (Image Source: Instagram)

What does Recapture Entertainment do? It is a talent management company. The company works in branding and content creation for its clients. Together with the couple, their friends have been working as a team in the company. However, according to, she earns about $720 to $1200 per post. And has around a 1.24% engagement rate with over 14,900 average likes.

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Likewise, Marino’s boyfriend earns a handsome amount from his Instagram with over a million followers. It is estimated to earn him $2k to $4k per post with an engagement rate of 6.7 %. Although he like his girlfriend has not disclosed his net worth, they must have a very lavish life.

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