Kris Hallenga Net Worth, CoppaFeel!, Sister, Boyfriend, Now, Cancer, Age

Meet the Cancer Survivor and the Founder of CoppaFeel!, Kris Hallenga

Find out all about one of the founders of CoppaFeel!, Kris Hallenga bio-wiki, net worth, boyfriend, and more

Kris Hallenga aka Kristin Hallenga is an originator of bosom disease mindfulness good cause CoppaFeel!. In addition to this many, you know that Kris is also a Sun feature writer. Furthermore, the cancer survivor has also managed to earn herself the Pride of Britain Award in 2009.

She is very well known for being the main character in Kris: Dying to Live. Also, people have also acknowledged the documentary that covered her experience when she had terminal breast cancer.

Cancer Survivor’s Bio-Wiki, Parents, Age & more

The Sun feature writer was born on the eleventh November 1985. Currently, Kris’s age is 35. Her mother’s name is Jane Hallenga. Jane was the first one who told her to get herself tested. And eventually, she did only to find that she had secondary breast cancer. There have been no posts or comments by the 35-year-old regarding her father.

Kris Hallenga and her sister
         Kris Hallenga and her sister (Image Source: Instagram)

Kris Hallenga also has a twin sister Maren Hallenga. Maren has also a part in the established Coppa Feel! Kris and her twin sister Maren established CoppaFeel! in 2009 after she was determined to have optional bosom malignancy at Beach Break Live. Individuals can give to her foundation.

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At that time Kris claims that just to be able to walk without crying was a challenge. She was also on chemo to shrink the tumor in her breast. But she had a ton of energy left to motivate anyone who would listen.

Who Is Kris Hallenga Boyfriend? Details about Her Cancer

As of now, Kris Hallenga is single. She is not dating anyone. Likewise, her Instagram handle has not indicated otherwise, nor has it any hints of Hallenga dating. Other than this, she seems to be in love with her cat and loves to travel to various places with her sister. The 35-year-old most have a very busy life as being in podcasts, interviews, and running a charity can be.

Kris Hallenga boyfriend
         Kris Hallenga and her cat (Image Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, the sisters later decided to establish a breast cancer awareness charity we know now as CoppaFeel!. Driven by Kris’s experience of malignancy, the twins made committed to the task of informing youngsters in regards to the late finding of bosom disease. Kris Hallenga also has a wiki named after her. Kris suffered having terminal malignancy for more than five years. Luckily, she has survived and looks happier and healthier than ever.

How Much Is Kris Hallenga Net Worth?

Kris Hallenga and her sister work in CoppaFeel!. The funding for the charity must have created a stab life for them. Furthermore, Kris being a writer also has authored a book titled ‘glittering a turd’. However, the 35-year-old net worth and earnings are still yet to be disclosed.

Kris Hallenga enjoying (Image Source: Instagram)
            Kris Hallenga enjoying her time (Image Source: Instagram)

The charity has come up with three missions. Firstly, all young people should check their boobs and pecs regularly, so they know what’s normal. Secondly to spread awareness to the general public about the symptoms of breast cancer. And lastly to encourage those who suffer from breast cancer when they’re seeking medical help.

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Millions of young people have been sent a text to remind them to check their breasts. The charity has now even earned itself to be the third most recognized website in the UK. And the best thing about the site is that it has helped save lives, which is the biggest achievement of any charity.

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