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Meet the Twitch Streamer, Emiru; Everything You Need to Know about the Gamer

Find out all about the young sensational streamer and YouTuber Emiru wiki, net worth, her make-up, break up, boyfriend, and more in detail.

Emiru is an uprising gamer. Furthermore, she has started to increase her fanbase with the popular game League of Legends. It is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot Games which was originally inspired by Defense of the Ancients, a custom map for Warcraft III.

As she is rising in fame, people want to know all about her. Surprisingly, they are also interested in Emily without makeup photos as well. Moreover, we have gathered all we could find about the young gamer, and here it is.

Bio-Wiki of the Streamer

The social media star was born on the 3rd January 1998, in Wichita, Kansas USA. Currently, As of now, the gamer is just 23-years-old. According to some sources after her matriculation in 2016, the gamer started talking about playing video games seriously, especially League of Legends. And since then in her journey towards becoming a great streamer, she has managed to gain over 150,000 followers on her official Twitch account.

Emiru Wiki
The Snippet of the Twitch Streamer, Emiru (Image Source: Instagram)

Her followers have also noticed that she looks a bit different than most Asians. This is because the streamer is from a mixed ethnicity and is of Chinese and German descent. Moreover, Emiru like many gamers worldwide has chosen to be very private. Her personal information is yet to be disclosed.

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Furthermore, she is also a YouTuber who is maintaining her channel of 119k with highlights, makeup tutorials, and vlogs. Keep in mind that although she is a gamer and a content creator, she is also a computer science student.

Emiru Makeup Details – Streamer with Makeup and No Makeup

There is a video on YouTube, where she shows off how she does her make-up. There have also been some photos leaked that show that Emily is totally different without make-up. Furthermore, we speculate that her makeup and her real face are so valued by the crowd because she is mostly involved in cosplays.

Emiru Makeup
Emiru Makeup and without makeup (Image Source: Celeb’s Diaries)

Fans claim that Emily resembles a lot like their favorite “League of Legends” heroes. This is how she responded to this. She explained,

“Ever since I started streaming ‘League,’ people would say I look similar to characters pretty often because of my makeup style.”

Apparently, the Riot Games released a new hero named Gwen, in April 2021. The character has a lot in common with Emiru and her fanbase couldn’t help but notice similarities between them rather often. The streamer responded saying that she didn’t think anything of it. And thought ‘Oh, that’s cool. Another character I can cosplay.’

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Furthermore, the 23-year-old YouTuber went ahead and put together another excellent cosplay and posted the results, pulling off every detail of the character right down to her different colored eyes and subtle bang part.

Even Jeremy Anninos, (an artist with Riot Games) claims that images of Emiru’s previous cosplays as inspiration during Gwen’s design process. He tweeted that all he has some of her makeup looks saved in his reference board for the splash.

Details about Emiru Breakup; Who Is She Dating Now?

For those who don’t know this but Emiru and Dyrus have been dating since 2016. However, like any couple, they too had their fair share of complications along the way.

Emiru and Dyrus Breakup
         Emiru and Dyrus Breakup (Image Source: Celeb’s Diaries)

On May 1, 2020, Dyrus took to Twitter and confessed what was going on between him and Emiru. In the announcement, he opened up about his relationship. Furthermore, the gamer admitted that he had mentally and emotionally harmed his fiancée and that they were close to breaking up. Dyrus also went on to say that his fiance was willing to give their relationship a second chance and that he, too, was seeking Therapy. He wrote:

“But she’s now giving me a Chance shot, and I’m going to get Therapy”

In addition to all this, he has admitted his mistakes and has asked for forgiveness. He has also apologized to everyone for the recent drama. The gamer also claimed that he should not have tweeted a tweet from April that has since been deleted — And realizes it was wrong to post his personal issues.

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Furthermore, Dyrus later responded to the post, as a “very major mistake and stated some awful things”.  All in all, he is willing to learn from his mistakes and wants to improve them. Your guess as to what the deleted tweet was is as good as ours. The cute couple is currently in a good place in their relationship.

And we all can agree that we want them to always be happy. Previous to this relationship, Emiru also had a boyfriend in high school with who she broke up in 2019. She in fact claimed that her ex-boyfriend made her choose between him and the game. So she chooses the gaming world.

Who Is the Gamer’s Boyfriend, Dyrus?

Talking about Emiru’s boyfriend, Dyrus was born on the 30th March 1992 in Honolulu, Hawaii USA. Unlike Emily, we know his family background. His father’s name is Mark and his mother’s name is Sandy Hill. According to his, his father was not in support of his career in eSports. Instead, he wanted his son to work for the family plumbing business. Talking about Dyrus’s educational background he did his schooling in Kalani High School.

   Famous Gamer’s ex-boyfriend, Dyrus (Image Source: YouTube)

And after matriculation began working in his father’s plumbing business, however, he never fully loved his works and used the nights to perfect his skills as a League of Legends player. The 29-years-old League of Legends player won a number of prestigious tournaments and events. This boosted him to become established in the gaming community.

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Furthermore, apart from the tournament he also acquired popularity through his YouTube channel, named Dyrus – he now has over 840,000 followers. And his videos have been viewed more than 265 million times. You can check out some of his most popular videos include “LoL Cypher – TsirDiesAlot (Dyrus) (calling out videogamedunkey)”, which now has over 1.7 million views, and “The Joy of Top Lane – AD Leona”, with over 1.6 million.

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