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Meet The Voice Australia 2021 Audition Contestant, Byron Garn

Here’s what you need to know about The Voice Australia 2021 Audition contestant, Byron Garn including his bio, net worth, parents, performance, girlfriend, and more

Byron Garn has recently taken part in The Voice Australia 2021 Audition and has performed the Scottish singer-songwriter, Lewis Capaldi‘s Before You Go. His blind audition performance has astonished both the judges and the audiences. In fact, the judges of The Voice Australia 2021 include the International pop star Rita Ora, Guy Sebastian, Grammy winner Keith Urban, and Jessica Mauboy.

As Byron has given his best performance in the blind audition, people are now curious to know more about him. But, in fact, there is not much information about The Voice Australia 2021 Audition‘s contestant. However, we’ll provide you the facts that we’ve got. So, stay till the end to learn the fascinating facts about the rising singer.

Who Is Byron Garn? Who Are His Parents?

Nothing much is available about The Voice Australia 2021 Audition‘s contestant, Byron Garn. But, during his blind audition at The Voice Australia 2021, Garn mentioned that he is 18 years of age and is from Penn Northwestern Sydney. And talking about his parents, the singer from Sydney has not disclosed his parents’ information. But, as a matter of fact, during his performance, 3 members (one man and 2 women) were present as his family. So, we believe they were his father and mother, and one could be his sister or aunt.

Byron Garn after doing the first round at The Voice (AU)

Byron Garn after doing the first round at The Voice (AU)
Image Source: Instagram (@byron.garn)

And, talking about Garn’s educational status, it’s still a mystery among his fans. But, being in his teenage, we believe that he might be in high school. It seems that he tends to live a private life as he hasn’t shared a snippet of his parents on his social media platforms.

What’s about Byron Garn Dating Status and Net Worth?

If you have been wondering that the contestant of The Voice Australia 2021, Byron Garn is single at the moment then let us make it clear that he is not single. And, if you were recently surfacing around his Instagram handle then you might have already learned his current relationship status.

Byron Garn with his girlfriend, Izzy Hillier

Byron Garn with his girlfriend, Izzy Hillier
Image Source: Instagram (@byron.garn)

In fact, when we surfaced around his Instagram account, we have seen tons of snippets with her partner. And, when he researched more about his dating life then we came to learn that he is currently dating his girlfriend named, Izzy Hillier. Likewise, she is also available on Instagram with named @izzyhillier; and in fact, her account is filled with photos of the duo. And, looking that it seems that they are in a serious relationship. But it’s not known when they started dating and how they met.

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And talking about the earnings and salary of the Sydney singer is unavailable. Likewise, his net worth is not available at the moment. As he is in teenage he might not involved in any job. But he did mention that he works as a plumber and is a 3rd-year apprentice. mentioned that apprentices earn more wages as they hone their work and skills. As such, Garn earns $25.50 annually as being a 3rd-year apprentice plumber. Talking about his parents’ fortune it’s still unknown.

His Blind Audition Performance at The Voice Australia 2021 Audition; Learn the Judges’ Comments

The Voice (AU) is a reality TV series where the different contestants from different countries compete in a singing competition that focuses on the quality of their voice. As a matter of fact, the TV series was released from 15th April 2012-present and has already had 9 seasons and is recently working in 10th season.

Watch: The Blind Auditions: Byron Garn sings Before You Go by Lewis Capaldi

And this season Byron Gran has performed Before You Go of Lewis Capaldi in a blind audition. In fact, his performance has astonished both judges and audiences. And his incredible performance has led them to turn the chair of four judges. Likewise, he has chosen judge Guy Sebastian. Guy asked Byron what led you here your musical journey and what you’ve done so far in music? He replied saying

I haven’t really done really like many big performances or anything it’s just been sort of like in the bedroom or in the shower or just around the boys at work and things like that

Likewise, the Grammy winner judge, Keith Urban who hadn’t turned his chair did share after watching the performance saying

I didn’t turn my chair around and here’s what happened like idiot me turned around and saw that you’re just a top bloke which is really the highest compliment. I reckon you can still give a go in Australia to say you’re a top load. And I wish I turned my chair around.

In addition to that Rita Ora shared

It’s just so nice to see that sincere reaction of just being grateful all the time. But you killed it and he would be really proud because you’re cracking those little cries that you had in there like that comes from real pain and like a real sort of like hunger and survival. I’m so happy I turned around I would love to appreciate it.

Likewise, Jessica said

I totally enjoy every part of your voice. You literally have like guts you know and I feel that from you, and I just want you on my team. I think you have the ability to just develop in so many different ways.

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And lastly, Guy Sebastian shared saying

I’m not going to give up on you my friend. I get rawness. You don’t need to be told what to do you just need steering it won’t it won’t all be in cruise control. Sometimes it will be draining but there’s no low depth I won’t plunge to but I can promise you we will achieve a royal flush is my promise to you.

Byron simply laughed while listening to Sebastian and in the end, the Sydney singer answered “I want to go Guy” and has chosen to be in Guy’s team.

Stay tuned to The Voice (AU) for the further incredible performance of Byron and don’t forget to surf around Celeb’s Diaries for more similar articles.