Michael Strahan Teeth Gap Fixed for April’s Fool!!!

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The American TV personality with a signature tooth has been under some news regarding his teeth. The former New York star posted a video where he was on a dentist’s chair and getting treatment. The video went viral after the TV host posted and captioned ‘I did it.’

Michael Strahan Teeth Fix Video Went Viral

As Michael Strahan revealed through the video, he said about the disagreement of all in maintaining his teeth. He claimed,

“If I go home and say I’m going to do it, it’s going to be ‘Don’t do it.’ If I post, it’ll be ‘Don’t do it.’ If I talk to my friends, it’ll be ‘Don’t do it.’ If I tell my business partners, it’ll be ‘Don’t do it.'”

Checkout the video:

However, the TV star added,

“But I’ve got to do what I want to do for myself.”

So, it seems he did it after all. Stay connected at his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Was it  for April’s Fool? #GoodbyeGap Updates

Besides, some news sites and people are stating the teeth fix was for April’s fool as the GMA star only decided to go for it two days before the holiday. We don’t know what the TV star wants but he surely got us all fooled.

Chron has said that even his co-workers at GMA are in a dilemma about whether it’s a prank or real.

Michael Strahan Teeth (1)

Have a look at his Iconic Teeth
Image Source: US Weekly

Other than that, Latimes substantiated it’s a prank as the journalist, only a week ago, had posted,

“I rock my gap with pride! It’s who I am!”

The site also remembered time when Michael didn’t think about having a gap until he became older.

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While everybody were waiting for the confusion to end with, Michael posted a video two days after telling it was indeed a prank and nothing more at all. He also said his mom likes it and the gap is not going anywhere “for a while”.

April’s Fool Everybody! Come On!!!

While it has been over a month, people are wondering about the fix yet. Getting support from the video that went viral, Dailymail said although the fixture was a prank, we know the TV star loved it as he went “I love it” with an excitement while gazing at his new looks.

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