Michael Symon weight loss journey with before and after comparison

Michael Symon weight loss journey with before and after comparison

Everything about Michael Symon and his weight loss journey with before and after photo comparisions.

Michael D. Symon is well known, 52-year-old American chef and restaurateur. Besides this, he is also a recognized television personality and author. Digging further into Michael’s wiki, we found that he shares Greek, Sicilian, and Eastern European descent.

Most of you know the chef from Food Network on shows such as Iron Chef America. And in addition to this, he has numerous appearances in shows like Burgers, Brew and ‘Que, Food Feuds, and The Best Thing I Ever Ate.

Symon is the chef and owner of a number of restaurants in the Greater Cleveland area(his native land), including his flagship Lola, Mabel’s BBQ, and burger franchise Bspot.

The chef is known for her chubby body throughout her career. However, his weight loss transformation in recent years has shocked all his fans. Why did the Symon lose weight? How much weight did he lose?

Read more to find all the details about Michael Symon’s weight loss rumors and weight loss before and after. And we will be also discussing his diet plan and workout.

Michael Symon Weight Loss Rumors-Before and After

Are the rumors about Micheal Symon’s weight loss true? Yes, Michael has gone through weight loss. However, there have not been any reliable sources that have detailed information relating to the subject matter.

             Michael Symon weight loss before and after photo                                               (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

We have also compared Symon’s before and after photos and yes there has been a visible change in his weight from before.

His before and after photos are enough to prove that he really has gone through a weight transformation.

What does Michael Symon weigh? According to his current appearance, he weighs around 185 lbs in Pound and 84kg in Kilograms and stands at a height of 6′ 0″ in feet and inches and 183 cm in Centimetres.

Michael Symon Weight Loss’ Diet Plan and Workout

Why did Michael Symon lose so much weight? Well according to this site, of Michael Symon’s illness. The 52-year-old chef was diagnosed in his 20s with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and discoid lupus.

Rheumatoid Arthritis is an autoimmune disorder that occurs when your immune system mistakenly attacks your own body’s tissues.

And discoid lupus is a condition that causes a severe rash that tends to get worse when exposed to sunlight. Lupus affects his skin and also his joints.

What is the weight loss diet plan Symon is taking?  He is the kind of chef who loves dairy products, especially cheese and ice cream. But unfortunately, they increase the effect of his illness. Thus, instead of eating it every other day, the chief judge has decided to eat them once every couple of weeks.

Other than this the author also now prefers food with low cholesterol. This is to lower the tendency to high cholesterol he inherited.

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What weight loss workout does Symon do? Michael walks more than 20,000 steps a day. And does a lot of stretching and a lot of meditation and breathing.

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