Beauty Secrets of Michelle Keegan-Rhinoplasty, Lip fillers and more

Michelle Keegan Plastic Surgery

Grab all the Beauty Secrets and Beauty treatments of actress Michelle Keegan.

Without any doubt, the beauty of Michelle Keegan has evolved over the years and we have been observing it since her rise from Coronation Street in 2008. Somehow, her face also seems less natural with all changes that consist of stretching her forehead, plumped lips, and tightened skin as well.

Gorgeous Michelle Keegan

A Snippet of Gorgeous Looking Michelle Keegan
Image Source: Hello Magazine

But also, as we watch her appearance change, she sometimes gains her previous originality and seems naturally beautiful. It convinces us that appearance is just what we make with some clever tricks. Unlike other female celebrities, the change in her looks is not just the result of plastic surgery but also some other medical treatments.

Rumors are countless concerning Michelle Keegan’s Surgery

With numerous changes in her looks, the Our Girl actress has been gaining rumors about her appearance and surgery over and over again. With pictures on her Instagram making a pout, she may have thought to experience lip surgery. No doubt, the pictures have made us easier to the verdict that she has had lip fillers. The thinner lips are now full and sexier. Compare yourself:

Michelle Keegan Before and after lips

Michelle Keegan Seeem Unrecognizable with new lips and facial surgery
Image Source: Daily Mail

Gossip tidbits carried the Botox since the moment she was seen with a reddy forehead leaving some kind of temporary redness over her face. The rumors were never settled as she, herself didn’t say about the Botox.

Concerning her eyebrows, she admitted, “I decided to get my eyebrows microblade,”. With her saying and other perceivable changes, the speculations are growing and growing. The actress also struggled with hair growth as she had overplucking problems in her teens.

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The public has also shown interest in her jawline which has been more streamlined than before. Some critics also commented that they would prefer older Michelle Keegan to a new one. Some even raise questions regarding her nose surgery.

Surgeon’s opinion about Michelle Keegan’s Surgery

With her pictures posted on her social media, of course, the surgeon says that she probably has done it. But it hasn’t been confirmed only with the pictures. A spokesperson for MYA Cosmetic Surgery said, “Looking at these images, it is possible that Michelle has had a surgical Rhinoplasty procedure. The biggest indicator is that her nose looks thinner and has more of a curvature,” to Mirror.

Michelle Keegan Before and After Plastic Surgery

Michelle Keegan Before and After Surgery 
Image Source: Daily Express

Other various surgeons also have pointed out her facial surgery and jawline and cheek work concerning dermal fillers.

What does Michelle Keegan Think of the Rumors?

Her followers have been rising questions that she hadn’t replied to for several years. Once she pointed out the rumors saying that it’s her business and her face and it is her own concern whether she does the surgery or not.

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However, she has also denied the surgery in some interviews as she is afraid the surgery might go wrong. She seems reasonable as some surgery has gone wrong in the case of female celebrities. The actress also seems optimistic as she conceded that people shouldn’t be judged based on the fact about their surgery. Well, it seems as Michelle doesn’t like to be treated as after surgery Celebrities.

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