Michelle Lesco Teeth, Missing tooth, Nathan's Hotdog Contest, and more.

Professional Eater Michelle Lesco Missing Teeth!!

Everything you need to know about professional eater Michelle Lesco Missing teeth, Nathan’s hotdog eating competition, dental surgery, tooth removal, and more.

The competitive eater Michelle Lesco‘s name has now reached its peak after winning the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Champion. Her name first rose into media after she named herself in the Guinness world records in 2017. At the age of 37, the star has gained a lot of popularity and equal fortune as well.

Michelle Lesco professional eater (1)

The snippet of professional eater Michelle Lesco
Image Source: Tucson Foodie

Following the eating competition, her missing tooth has been another topic of keen interest to the public. Her upper front tooth isn’t perceived easily when she talks or eats, so, people have been assuming that Michelle lacks her front upper teeth.

But didn’t she really have upper teeth? Has she ever done any teeth enhancement? Know all about her ‘powerful’ teeth which have led her to win Nathan’s competition.

 All About Michelle Lesco Teeth

Eating 34 3/4 hot dogs is not a job of normal teeth. Besides, she also has shown other great performances in eating with her strong teeth. The wings and meats are nothing compared to Michelle’s teeth.

Michelle Lesco after winning Nathan's hot dog (1)

Michelle Lesco After winning Nathan’s Hotdog Contest
Image Source: Review-Journal

Answering people’s queries, some sources have claimed that she went for teeth removal in 2015 due to some problems. Following these, it was also known that she was on pain killer for a bit of time.

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Moreover, as far as we know, she doesn’t have undergone any dental surgery. Going through several pictures and snaps, her upper teeth are less visible which has led a lot of people in a dilemma of whether she has it or not. She might have smaller teeth there. Some even also have claimed that she did the removal of the teeth to make it easier for her eating competition.

Her missing tooth and the truth about it

Fascinated by her eating talent, everyone dreams about having teeth as strong as hers. Along with it, her missing tooth also has caught every of several audiences. People started questioning her teeth when sources assumed the star might have lost them during active competition.

michelle lesco eating competition (1)

Michelle Lesco in a competition
Image Source: Las Vegas Journal

Be that as it may, seeing a couple of interviews, she seems to have her full set of teeth which are small and aligned. However, she is yet to address if she has gone through any dental enhancement or not. Stay connected and updated with us.

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