Woman with the largest Hip, Mikel Ruffinelli Weight Loss - Before and After

Woman With The Largest Hip, Mikel Ruffinelli Weight Loss!!!

Every detail of information about World Record Holder Mikel Ruffineli Weight Loss, Before and After, Plus-Size Modeling, and more

Mikel Ruffinelli is the American woman who has the record of the widest hip in the world with a 2.4 m circumference. The 5 ft 4 inches woman has 102 cm of the only waist. She is recorded to have a weight of 190 kg (420 lbs).

However, with time, people have been questioning whether she went through any weight loss procedure or not. But the pictures suggest that she has been the same since her record in the world record academy.

Mikel Ruffinelli Weight (1)

The Snippet of Model Mikel Ruffinelli
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Did the American plus-size model go through weight loss? How is her daily life? Know all the answers to your questions about Mikel Ruffinelli’s weight loss.

Mikel Ruffinelli Before and After

The model Ruffinelli was not always this big. Looking back, she used to weigh 140 pounds in her teen years. With time, she gained some weight and reached 182 pounds in her twenties. The time completely changed after she gave birth to her first child named Andrew. She gained significant weight in no time.

Mikel Ruffinelli Weight Loss Before and After

Mikel Ruffinelli Before and After Weight Gain
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The first pregnancy had only given rise to 238 pounds in her weight. The transformation didn’t stop there but continued with each pregnancy. After her fourth child, she had already been the woman with the widest hips in the world.

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However, with such weight too, she is healthy and is free from any disease. Further, she loves herself as she is as she revealed she openly consumes about 5000 calories in a day.

Mikel Ruffinelli Weight Loss

Coming to her weight loss, it seems as she loves her physique as it is and wouldn’t want to change. During her beginning years of transformation, she was a little conscious about her growing weight and even tried several methods of weight loss.

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She gained much weight after her fourth pregnancy
Image Source: Twitter

More than her consciousness, people’s stare, and the public’s reaction made her think about her weight. However, with time, she has learned to love her body and is proud of it.

“I love my shape and I see no reason to diet because I don’t have health problems.” the plus-size model said, “I love my curves, I love my hips, I love my attributes.”

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So, to sum up, she hasn’t lost weight as far as we are concerned. The world record holder also is a huge example to many with the sigma rule to love yourself how you are rather than changing. She is active on Instagram as divaz_style.

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