Does Miley Cyrus Has Fake Teeth? Veneers? Teeth Surgery? - Facts Here!

Does Miley Cyrus Has Fake Teeth? Veneers? Teeth Surgery? – Grab Facts Here

Grab all facts behind Miley Cyrus’ teeth fix rumors like veneer, braces, fake teeth, and more.

Over the years Miley Cyrus‘ teeth has become one of the controversial topics among her fans and media. If we overlook, Miley has often been rumored of undergoing teeth surgeries, veneers, and even been accused of having fake teeth.

So in order to know the reality behind all the swirling rumors & gossips ahead, we present you with all the facts,

Are Miley Cyrus’ Teeth Fake?

Miley Cyrus does not have fake teeth, however, the 27 years old has gone for some dental enhancements to brighten up her look. Miley Cyrus has always been on of the noted personality who over a long haul of time has been apple to many of our eyes. We have grown up and been with her for more than a decade now.

Miley Cyrus Teeth Fix, Vaneer, whitening, fake before and after

Comparision of Miley Cyrus Teeth ‘Before’ and ‘After’.
Image Source: Pinterest

Miley rose to fame after she was cast in the Disney series Hannah Montana where she played the character of Miley Stewart an ordinary girl with a ulterior personality of Hannah Montana who is a famous singer. And seeing her grow on the Television screen for decades now, fans seem to have noticed some changes on her teeth.

Moreover, various dental house claims that Miley Cyrus shares a little secret that she underwent orthodontic treatment to straighten her smile. If you compare Cyrus’ before and after pictures then you can clearly see some filled gaps and adjustments.

Miley is Believed to Undergo Dental Braces

For those who are unfamiliar Orthodontic treatments (dental braces) which are usually done in teenagers where the use of dental devices is embedded to move and adjust teeth shape.

Miley Cyrus Teeth Vaneer

Miley Cyrus braces speculation with before and after pictures.
Image Source: Pinterest

In the case of our pop star Miley, she is believed to have installed braces but from the inner side also called lingual braces. Metal bracelets ruin your looks and attractions which is a thing to worry about when you are already a star.

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With her big Disney’s contracts, rising music, and cinema career Cyrus and family opted for an effective but invisible way of shaping up her teeth. You can even compare it from her above snaps as you can see her premolar and molar parts have been pulled to the front and the teeth also seem bigger in shape leaving us the possibilities of going for Veneers.

What About Miley’s Teeth Veneers? Teeth Surgery!

And as we mentioned above, there are also high possibilities of Cyrus opting for Vanners for her ‘big shiny smile’. The Slide-Away singer’s teeth on both, ‘below’ and ‘above’ the jawline area seem to be adjusted. In contrast to her previous look, the Wrecking ball singer’s upper teeth now seem to have covered most part of her smile and the teeth seem to be perfectly in-line.

Miley Cyrus Panoramic (teeth) X-Ray Image.
Image Source: TMZ

Some cosmetic dentistry such as Atlanta Center has also insisted of Miley going for veneers to shape up her looks. As per reports from Atlanta, if someone has a crown, veneers on a tooth then the X-Rays appear white whereas the natural tooth seems gray.

And when we see Miley’s panoramic x-ray her tooth shares lots of white parts. Observing at her upper front teeth we can notice a whiter part with a crescent shape on it. The reason behind it is highly suspected to be porcelain veneers.

Similarly, below the point below her bottom center, you can see bright white on the roots which means some alterations has surely been made. So based on Miley’s look and evolution we highly assume that Cyrus has gone for some teeth surgeries to charm up her looks.

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