Miley Cyrus Teeth with before and after teeth fix comparisons

Miley Cyrus Teeth with before and after teeth fix comparisons

Find out all about Miley Cyrus’ teeth with before and after photos in detail

Miley Cyrus has always been out of the box when it comes to styling herself. She has also styled her teeth several times in the past. And this has made many questions about whether her teeth are fake or not.

Now let’s talk about her recent teeth fix rumors. There have been many rumors on the internet and media that the Hannah Montana star fixed her teeth over the years. But are the rumors true? Let’s find out. Read more to find out all the details about Miley Cyrus’ teeth fix rumors and teeth before and after.

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Miley Cyrus Teeth Fix Rumors 

Did Miley Fix her teeth? Yes, the singer has fixed her teeth.  According to reports, she had a few cosmetic crowns done, a root canal on a lower incisor, and needed her wisdom teeth taken out.

It is not uncommon for people in and out of showbiz to have a teeth fix. But for those who work in entertainment fixing teeth is more of a necessity rather than a choice.  Everyone wants to be as perfect as possible and attract people.

Good looks have been more of a necessity than an option. Zendaya is one of the celebrities who has admitted that she has fixed her teeth. How did her teeth fix rumors start?

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Well comparing Cyrus’s before and after photos, her current smile looks wider and whiter but before this, her teeth didn’t look this well-structured. Like us, many of her fans must have also noticed her teeth fix.

So did Miley have braces?- Yes the pop star had braces to straighten her teeth while she was in her teens.

Miley Cyrus Teeth Fix before and after

How are Miley Cyrus’ teeth so white? Well, we speculate that the songwriter had some dental treatments such as veneers. We also compared Cyrus’s before and after photos and yes, in the past her teeth lacked the shine they have now.

 Miley Cyrus Teeth Before and After (Image Source: CelebsDiaries)

In the past, many of her fans have questioned why is Miley Cyrus mouth weird. Besides teeth whitening, Miley Cryus also wore gold teeth around 8 years ago. She wore gold grill-2 Bottoms with a bar in 10K Gold Alloy similar to hip-hop music stars during the early 1980.

However, she is not the only one who finds it fashionable, rappers and artists like Ryan Lochte, Rihanna, and Madonna have also used them many times. Speaking of Miley Cryus gold teeth you can also buy them here.

How much does Gold Grills cost? The average bottom 6 Grillz made in 10 karat gold usually costs around $700 – $800 when you purchase from a higher-end manufacturer.

Around that time she also wore huge veneers in front of her teeth. And they looked horrible. The internet at that time buzzed a lot questioning what did Miley Cyrus do to her teeth?

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