Strictly’s Molly Rainford Plastic Surgery Accusation: Did The ‘I Like You’ Singer Go For A Nose Job?

Strictly’s Molly Rainford Plastic Surgery Accusation: Did The ‘I Like You’ Singer Go For A Nose Job?

Strictly’s Molly Rainford plastic surgery accusation has slowly started to surface.  Her fans and follower feel like she looks unrecognizable now. Unfortunately, the singer has never denied nor accepted these plastic surgery rumors. So did Molly go under the knife? Let us gather what we could find.

Molly Anne Rainford is an English singer. She is also known as a young actress and television presenter. We know that most of you will know her as the finalist on the sixth series of Britain’s Got Talent in 2012.

You may recognize her as one of the presenters on Friday Download between 2014 and 2015.

Did Molly Rainford win Britain’s Got Talent? Molly’s cover of the sang Beyoncé’s version of “Ave Maria” was amazing but finished the competition in sixth place. This didn’t slow down her progress because she was signed to Sony Music right after this.

She has released two extended plays and has gone on to portray the titular character in the CBBC comedy-drama series Nova Jones from 2021 onwards.

2 years ago, she released a second EP, Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) This featured covers of Christmas songs including “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)”, “Who Would Imagine a King”, “I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every day” and the title track.

Anyways talking about the main topic at hand did Molly have plastic surgeries done? Did the teenager already decide to tweak her appearance? Let us compare her before and after photos to find out.

Molly Rainford Plastic Surgery

Molly Rainford(@mollyrainford) is not the first young celeb on our website to be suspected of having enhancements.

How did Molly Rainford’s plastic surgery rumors escalate? Well, we believe those who see her on BGT are having a hard to believe that she is the same person. Her appearance has completely changed in Strictly.

Like other celebrity contestants like Matt Goss and Jayde Adams people have been suspecting that Molly has also been involved in undergoing the knife.

Writing all these articles about plastic surgery and examining showbiz we have learned that appearance is key. If you appear better your buzz in the entertainment industry increase. This means you will get better endorsements, opportunities, and so on.

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The most famous plastic surgeries are breast augmentation, Breast implant removals, Buttock lifts, and chin, cheek, or jaw reshaping (facial implants or soft tissue augmentation).

We admit that comparing her before and after photos, we now look like a completely new person. But this could also be because of Molly Anne’s age. As we all know the most drastic change comes when you go from your teenage years to young adulthood.

Did Molly Rainford Have Nose Job?

Anyways, just to be sure we had to examine her photos.  At first glance, we highly believe that Molly is wearing veneers. As her teeth look too good to be true and in the past, they were not as aligned as they are today.

Moving on as per plastic surgery she has had a nose job. Notice the nasal wings regions of her nose it was naturally wider and bigger. Now with the help of rhinoplasty, she has managed to decrease its volume. We also believe that the surgery was very recent.  As there are only a few of her photos in which her nose looks model-like and the tip looks pointer than before.

Molly Rainford Plastic Surgery (Before and After) (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

Just look at Molly Rainford’s before-surgery pic comparison. You can clearly see it. Besides this, we also suspect that Molly has done something with her eyebrows. They look thicker and lifted. We suspect that the singer has been involved in an eyebrow lift surgery.

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Look how pointy they look. Generally, such surgeries are done to make your forehead tighter and make you look younger.

But the Strictly contestant didn’t have to do it she was born on November 22, 2000, and her age is 21 years. We also like to add that this could also be makeup.

Her skin tone has also changed but her face cut appears the same so no jawline surgery. Her lower lips appear plump. She naturally didn’t have it. So lip fillers are also a possibility.

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