Tennis Star Monica Seles Plastic Surgery!!!

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The professional tennis player Monica Seles has set her recognition all over the world. Although, the player is retired, she contribution to Yugoslavia and United States through her awesome games. The talented Seles’ popularity reached a peak when after she won 9 Grand Slam singles.

The former tennis star has now been accused of several plastic surgery rumors when her new photos surfaced over the internet. Fans and followers started comparing the star’s then and now looks. Some found that Monica looked a lot different than before.

Monica Seles Plastic Surgery Rumors

Surfing through the internet, a site even asked questions whether any tennis player had gone through surgery. To many surprises, the 47-year old was not on the list. However, this still doesn’t make former world no.1 clear out of plastic surgery.

Monica Seles Plastic Surgery

Comparison of her before and after pictures
Image Source: Celebs Diaries

Involved in an athletic career, she was always fit and had a great physique. However, her facial skin and overall appearance have led people to question her beauty. But this isn’t the first time she had been under such suspicions. Similar rumors hit her during her retirement in 2008.

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The wrinkles which she had in her 30’s are now less with time and she is getting better every day. However, the changes might be due to her proper care, makeup, and better maintenance.

What is the Experts’ Opinion on it?

Talking about her transformation, she has lost significant weight which also has made some impact on her appearance. One responded to a question asking whether she’s gone through the knife of a surgeon saying, “looks like she dropped some weight and got a tan.”

Monica Seles Now 2021 (1)

She really looks charming even in the late ’40s
Image Source: Tennis World USA

Another supported her, “Plastic surgery on the face at such a young age? Obviously, no. She lost weight, that’s all. She’s always been a fine-looking woman.”

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Coming to her social media, she is available on Instagram and Twitter. Make sure to follow her to know anything regarding her latest posts and news.

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