How did the public react to Nancy Pelosi having Plastic Surgery During the Pandemic

Find out all about Nancy Pelosi Plastic Surgery Rumors with before and after photo comparisons 

Nancy Patricia Pelosi is a very popular American politician serving as Speaker of the United States House of Representatives since 2019, and previously from 2007 to 2011.

Recently people have been noticing changes in Pelosi’s looks. And a ton even think that she went under the knife? So what plastic surgeries have Nancy Pelosi gone under the knife for. Let’s find out. Read more to find out all the facts about her plastic surgery procedures and her before and after look.

Nancy Pelosi plastic surgery – before and after

 In the entertainment industry celebrities generally undergo the knife. But Nancy isn’t a celebrity, she doesn’t have to face the pressure to look perfect. Her plastic surgery rumors have not been received well by the public.

                   Nancy Pelosi Plastic Surgery Before and After                                                     (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

But first, did Nancy really have plastic surgery? Are the rumors true? Although the politician has never admitted that she has gone under the knife.

There have been many reliable sites that have covered the subject matter as well. We have also compared Nancy’s before and after snippets, And yes we also suspect that she really did have plastic surgery.

So what procedures are there to choose from? We have a list of plastic surgeries like liposuction, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty she could have gotten. Also, cosmetic procedures like botox and fillers.

Comparing her before and after photos, we suspect that she had facelift surgery. What is a facelift? A facelift is also known as a rhytidectomy, it improves signings of aging.

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And looking at her present appearance she has very tight skin, especially in her forehead region. And this is very uncommon for a person who is 81-years-old.

We also speculate that she had eyebrow filler because her eyebrows appear to have thicker and denser hairs. According to reports, she had fat removed from around her eyes but has a substantial amount of excess skin on the lower lids.

Nancy Pelosi plastic surgery reaction

People who think Nancy had plastic surgery didn’t hold back and have shared their thoughts with the world.

There was an online troll “What has Nancy Pelosi done to her face during COVID-19 shutdown?”

A person who follows Nancy has sarcastically commented that if her eyebrows get any higher they will be up in her hairline. The user added that it was sad to see that Pelosi prioritized her Spanx face over getting Americans back to work.”

Another Twitter user also predicted that the 81-year-old  looks like she underwent facelift surgery during the pandemic. Like us, the user also noticed that her face is tighter & her eyebrows are bigger than before. And the person also sarcastically advised her to stay home to heal the scars. The creature can’t even blink!”

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And another one accused the Speaker of using accessories to mask her alleged procedures.

Wait we are not done, people have really shown their disapproval for Pelosi’s plastic surgery. One reacted by saying ‘you have gotten a facelift when others can’t get heart stents the self-proclaimed’ another commented ‘Your clown eyebrows, visible scars, and those hidden under scarves give you away.’

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