Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi Teeth Enhancements!!!

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi Teeth Enhancements!!!

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The well-known American politician Nancy Pelosi has been popular regarding her teeth and plastic surgery as well. She has made her global recognition serving in the political field of country America. Currently, she is established as the speaker of the United States House of Representatives since 2019.

It has been over a week that her teeth and face has been under several suspicions. Being a speaker, everyone were focused on her mouth during the session. Several topics were addressed by the politician, however, many audiences were distracted by her teeth. Has she done any teeth enhancements? If yes, what are the most probable teeth surgery she has done?

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What’s up with Nancy Pelosi Teeth?

The rumors and allegations started when she was seen constantly touching her teeth with the tongue. Besides, she also was holding her lips together while moving her tongue. This kind of movements rose several concerns among the public about her dental works.

Nancy Pelosi (1)

The snippet of the American politician
Image Source: Reuters

Her smile also was different than usual which gave different impressions to the people out there. The subject also became trending on twitter in no time. Several jokes were made out of her teeth as well. One said, “Nancy Pelosi always looks like she is trying to get the sunflower seed shell out of her teeth. I understand, the struggle for that salt is real.”

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Sitting behind the president, she was busy rolling the tongue over her mouth. Her teeth also had been previously ridiculed in 2019 as well. The then president Donald Trump had tweeted, “Because Nancy’s teeth were falling out of her mouth, and she didn’t have time to think!.” So, it seems she has been under dentists appointment for quite a time.

Dental Veneers Rumors and Truth

The 81-year-old politician has been old as well. So, she might have used veneers to make up her youthful looks. Besides, artificial teeth covers might be dropping out. So, she might have been distracted from the president’s speech which led to the following jokes and rumors.

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What’s Up with her teeth
Image Source: Newsweek

Dailymail also has posted numerous jokes and hilarious tweets people made out of her teeth and the activity during the president’s address of the nation. Jokes apart, the lady doesn’t have best oral health at such age. So, she might have some procedure going on with her teeth. Her teeth also seemed exceptionally white and too good to be true at 81.

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So, the probable procedure she might have done consists of teeth whitening as well. Other than that, she might have used dental veneers for maintaining her looks. To sum up, her dentist has done a good work giving her a smile with teeth. The politician is active on social media like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Stay connected at each of them to know any current news and affairs regarding the country America and Pelosi too.

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