Natalie Morales Plastic Surgery Revealed with Expert's Opinion (1)

Former Today’s Anchor Natalie Morales Plastic Surgery Details!!!

Every Detail about the former anchor of Today, Natalie Morales Plastic Surgery transformation, Botox, Facelift, Nosejob, and more.

Natalie Morales, famous for her journalism has lately been rising on the media concerning her plastic surgery. The moderator of the CBS Daytime talk show has been questioned about her beauty. She made her own fanbase through Today and other shows as well.

However, she now has signed off from the show with teary eyes and a sad farewell to her every fan and follower. She contributed to the show for more than 22 years. The farewell of the anchor made everyone wonder about her life. With that came her beauty and face as well.

Natalie Morales (1)

The snippet of Natalie Morales
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But as the rumors say, has she really done any plastic surgery? If yes, what are the procedures she must have gone through? Know all about the secrets behind her beauty and the truth about her cosmetic enhancements.

Natalie Morales Plastic Surgery Truth

The rumors first started when people started noticing small differences in her appearance through the show. Natalie has been beautiful her whole life. However, she looks young despite her age reaching 50. Maybe she wanted to preserve her beauty for maintaining the same recognition and fans.

Natalie Morales in 2017 (1)

The journalist is beautiful even in her 40s
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Coming to 2017, many admirers were shocked to see the charming face of the 46-year-old star(then in 2017). She looked equally beautiful and youthful as in the early 2000s. News anchor undergoing plastic surgery is not strange news to US citizens. So, it didn’t become so hard to put the puzzles together with Natalie as well.

Facelift and Botox

The popular procedure she is suspected to have done is Facelift along with Botox. This method of knife has always been a fascinating procedure for someone dealing with aging signs and old age. So, the 49-year-old star also might have adopted these procedures.

Natalie Morales Plastic Surgery Before and After

The effects of Botox and Facelift  are clearly seen on her face
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Comparing her before and after pictures, she has tighter and stiff skin than before.  Also, the effect of the facelift has made her seem younger and as beautiful as she was. Looking at her skin tone and forehead part, it becomes pretty clear that her beauty is not all-natural.

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Further, some also have brought up the topic of nose jobs. But it isn’t clear whether she has gone through the procedure or not. What are your opinions on this? Let us know for sure.

What do the experts say?

Regarding plastic surgeons’ opinions in 2015, Craig Colville, MD said, “When I first saw her, I thought she was in her 30’s apparently she is 44. So, she may have used a botox or something.” Another expert, Dr. Tracy Pfeifer also added that she might have injected botox and some fillers.

Natalie Morales Cosmetic Surgery (1)

Her appearance made a lot of people wonder
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Besides, Closerweekly also posted some experts’ opinions on the topic. “I cannot tell if she has fillers as she is [often] smiling in photos.” the famous doctor Vartan Mardirossian said. Another surgeon, Dr. Andrew Miller added, “It looks like she may have had some Botox in the forehead and possibly some well-placed cheek fillers. I don’t see signs of actual surgery.”

To sum up, once she also admitted about the botox but the fillers rumors are yet to be addressed. Visit her Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn for her private life and more information.

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