Natisha moffet michigan death funeral

Natisha Moffet Michigan Car Accident Obituary, Funeral and Bio

Find out all the facts about Natasha Moffet Michigan’s car accident, obituary, funeral, and bio.

Natisha Moffet is an American cosmetologist. Moffet had recently moved to Arizona to find a fresh start. Moreover, she had taken the suggestion of her friend, Iyona Flowers.

Recently, Natisha Moffet has been on the news because of a car accident she got into in Arizona. As a result, many people have searched about cosmetology ever since. Hence, we have gathered all the information on Natisha. Read more to find all the details about Moffet from the Michigan car accident, obituary, funeral, and bio.

Michigan Natisha Moffet car accident in Arizona

Natisha Moffet got into a car accident which cost her life. Moreover, her car crashed with the truck on her way from Phoenix to California. A native from Michigan Natisha moved to Phoenix, Arizona two years ago. In July 2021, the cosmetologist was on the way to California from Michigan to celebrate the 4th of July on a weekend break.

Natisha moffet michigan death funeral
                             Natisha Michigan’s car accident                                                         (Image Source: celebsdiaries)

Moreover, she was traveling in a car with her five kids. Among her five kids, her four children were in a different car with her friend Iyona. Moreover, Natisha with her one child was following behind Iyona who was driving before her with her four kids.

On their way to San Diego, her friend’s car had a flat tire. As the mother of five knew how to fix the flat tire so they stopped on the side of the road to get the flat tire patched. When the mother of five was getting out to help with the flat tire, the truck driver hit her car.

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Firstly, the semi-truck hit Moffet’s car, and then secondly, it collided with the SUV. Additionally, the SUV was driven by Moffet’s friend Iyona Flowers who had four of her friend’s kids in her SUV.

Arizona Department of Public Safety officials stated that the two friends and five kids were traveling on Interstate 10 near Tonopah where the accident happened.

Natisha Moffet obituary and funeral

Natasha’s mother Ynes was working to get her daughter and her five grandkids to Grand Rapids to give them proper funeral and burial. Moreover, Ynes had created a GoFundMe page for the expense to help her go to Arizona. Moreover, she wanted to get more details on the car accident.

Natisha moffet michigan car accident
           Natisha Michigan funeral (Image Source: Fox 17)

Furthermore, the family in Michigan mourned the loss of Natisha and her five children. The 35-year-old had her obituary posted when her family in Grand Rapids found out about her death.

According to Betty Dupree, Natisha’s mother-in-law wanted to bury the deceased in Grand Rapids because it was not possible for them to visit any time if they were buried in Arizona.

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Moreover, Natisha’s mother said that they could put flowers on their grave for their birthdays. Furthermore, the father of five, Malik said that he had to live and can’t die out. Also, he added that he had to keep his wife and five kids’ energy.

Natisha Moffet bio

Natisha Moffet lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and worked as a cosmetologist. Later on, she moved to Arizona. Her mother’s name is Ynes Morrow. Moreover, she had been married to her husband Malik Thoman Blakney.

Furthermore, the couple had been married for eight years. Later on, they gave birth to five children. Subsequently, their five kids were named Mikayla, Malik Jr., Giovanni, Santari, and Jo’Syia.

During her accident, Natisha was 35 years old. Unfortunately, her exact birth date hasn’t been revealed. Also, her kids were at the age of 5 to 17. Additionally, the oldest child was 17 years old Jo’Syia Moffett.

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A year later Giovanni was born. Moreover, their youngest daughter was Makayla born after Malik Jr who was 8 years old at the time of the car accident.

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