Nicolas Cage Hair Transplant- Before and After

Find out all about the ghost rider actor Nicolas Cage’s hair transplant with before and after snippets in detail.

Nicole Cage has always been known for being a great actor. He is appreciated in almost every movie he has done.

Recently, besides his acting and movies, people have been buzzing about Nicole’s teeth fixes. Why have the rumors about his teeth fix started recently? Well, it must be because he is playing the role of Dracula in the Universal Monster Movie ‘Renfield.’

As there have been many photos of Cage’s recent appearance, it has grabbed attention. People have noticed that Nicole’s hair doesn’t look the same as they use to. So is there a difference in his before and after photo? Let’s see.

Nicolas Cage Hair Transplant

Firstly why do people have a hair transplant? The reason behind the hair implant is quite obvious as people visualize men with hair as more successful, stronger, and fitter.

And the loss of hair can indicate a person has gotten old. This is why hair transplants are so popular nowadays.

When did Nicolas Cage’s hair transplant rumors surface? We believe that the rumors started when the series ‘The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent ‘ was released. And yes, comparing his before and after photos, his hair does look different in a good way.

                 Nicolas Cage Hair Transplant (Before and After)        (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

We have found a site that has covered Nicolas’s hair timeline up to 2010. And in those pictures, he had heavy hair loss back in 2002. So how did Cage regain his hair? And yes at first we also thought that he must have had a hair transplant.

It is common nowadays to have enhancements done to look better. Such transplants along with plastic surgery and teeth fix have gradually become the new norm for beauty standards.

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But looking deeply into his recent photos, in some of the photos we can see male pattern boldness like his role in the movie PIG. And in other, we can see that the hair has been denser in temple regions.

In the past, the actor has used hair extensions and such procedures several times to make his hair look thicker in the movies he is in. This can be a similar case.

We also found a comment that read It looks very minimal, to be honest. Perhaps he’s going for slow progression forward through multiple procedures starting in the temples.

This is also a possibility. Unfortunately, we can only speculate as the 57-year-old has not come out to talk about this topic.

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