Find out all the details on Nicholas James' plastic surgery, Dr. Terry Dubrow Messed with her boob, Sued Dr. Terry, and more.

Nicole James Plastic Surgery : Controversy after Nichole lawsuit on Dr. Terry

Find out all the details on Nichole James’ plastic surgery, Dr. Terry Dubrow Messed with her boob, Sued Dr. Terry, and more.

Nicole James is the New friend of the Real Housewives Of Orange County and was introduced in the season 16 premiere on Wednesday. She has been on the first episode of the season earlier this month.

However, Nicole has been friends with Heather who is Dr. Terry’s wife for about 8 years, and that before that, she was friends with Shannon Beador for a short period. RHOC’s new friend Nicole James was demoted after a secret is spilled out that she sued Heather Dubrow’s husband Dr. Terry over a bad boob job.

What has happened years ago? She went through plastic surgery and Dr. Terry mess with her boobs and get sued. So, what does Heather say about it? Let’s read more to find more information on Nicholas James’ plastic surgery, Dr. Terry Dubrow Messed with her boob, Sued Dr. Terry, and more.

Controversy after Nichole lawsuits on Dr. Terry

As we know, about 20 years ago Nicole James got a boob job from Terry Dubrow. Moreover, she was not happy with the result and made her allegedly sue him.

Shannon Beador remembers the new “friend” of the show Nicole Weiss James from 16 years ago. Besides, she remembers the secret and it makes it awkward as Nichole and Heather Dubrow are good friends now.

Heather Dubrow Threatens To Stop Filming(Image Source: Leak Herald)

Nichole and Heather, 52 are also good friends and met up for a walk, then they realized that they know fellow RHOC star Shannon Beador.

Besides, Shannon found out Nicole James was Nicole Weise and thought it would not be good to reveal the truth in a confessional interview. However, she spilled the “secret” to fellow RHOC stars Gina and Emily off-camera that Nicole allegedly sued Heather’s husband Terry.

Gina didn’t like hiding this secret from Heather, she broke the pact and told her about the lawsuit. She reveals the truth at Heather Dubrow’s $36,000 sushi party. Gina explained in a confessional: “The right thing to do is to tell Heather cause I don’t think I’m capable of pretending that this is okay.”

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The episode ended with Heather asking Gina if she was “kidding” before storming upstairs and insisting everyone leave the party.

What do Nichole and Heather say about it?

Wednesday night’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” saw Heather Dubrow threaten to stop filming and the episode full of drama.

How did Heather react? Heather looks absolutely shocked to hear this news, seemed angry and thought to quit the show and order everyone out. But, she tried to stay calm and short things.

Nichole has not said much about the topic yet. Although, Heather said,

“it’s like the party is completely hijacked in such a hideous way … and I felt so completely blindsided and betrayed and pissed and upset … and I just didn’t expect the season to start that way”.

What does Nichole James say about it? She says she was forced to do so by managers and attorneys and told Terry through tears that she didn’t think he had done anything wrong.

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Terry accepted her apology and thanked her for dropping the suit. However, Heather still seems angry with other girls and more with her costar from past seasons Shannon Beador.

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