Nikki Cross Weight Loss- Before & After, Diets, Husband, Matches, WWE

Nikki Cross Weight Loss; Learn about Her Husband, Kids, Matches, and More

WWE superstar Nikki Cross has finally returned in the ring after almost 100 days with her new figure. Here’s in-depth about Nikki Cross weight loss including her before and after comparison, diets, workouts, husband, matches, and more.

Nicola Glencross aka Nikki Cross is a Scottish professional wrestler who has recently risen to fame after currently signed to WWE. Her performance on the Raw brand as ring name Nikki Cross has surely become one of the favorite wrestlers in WWE. And, for a long time, she didn’t return to the ring after losing to Alexa Bliss.

Might be happy news for Nikki’s fans as she has returned to the WWE ring after almost 100 days. Yes, the queen of WWE has returned, however, she appears to look totally different. Nikki Cross’ transformation has astonished both critics and fans. And, likewise, as usual, ahead we present you all the fascinating facts about Nikki Cross weight loss journey, husband, kids, and many more.

Nikki Cross Weight Loss Journey; Before and After Comparison

Yes, the 32 years old professional wrestler Nikki Cross has able to lose significant weight, however, there is no any records regarding Nicola Glencross’ weight loss journey. Her previous weight isn’t disclosed, but, she currently weigh around 53 kg (117 lbs) as per Celebpie. Similar to Royal singer Lorde who has remained low- key regarding her weight loss journey.

Nikki Cross Before and After weight loss comparison picture

Nikki Cross Before and After weight loss comparison picture
Image Source: Celeb’s Diaries

Contrasting the before and after pictures of Scottish professional wrestler, we can see her incredible weight loss. And, if you have been watching the matches of the talented WWE wrestler then you can obviously point out her transformation. Well, its for sure that some of her fans are still confused if she is the real Nikki after losing a significant weight. You can also visit her Instagram handle to compare her before and after weight loss snippets.

Secrets Behinds Nikki Cross Weight Loss- Diet and Workout Plans

Nikki Cross’s significant weight loss has astonished many peoples. And, as such, the public are curious to know the secrets behind her incredible weight loss. So, how did she managed to lose the massive amount of weight in such a short period of time. Curious to know the answer? Here’s what you’re missing.

WWE Superstar has managed to lose weight via perfect workouts

WWE Superstar has managed to lose weight via perfect workouts
Image Source: Pinterest

As a matter of fact, she is a wrestler, and, to be in the ring, your priority is to be healthy and not to mention, your body should be totally fit. Some sources claimed that the wrestler’s body falls into mesomorph (compact and muscular body build) and endomorph (soft round build) body types. And, Nikki Cross being a professional wrestler, she does a amazing workouts and proper diet plans.

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Something she changed into her diet is that the WWE wrestler changed her eating habits that could made her fat like nuts, potatoes, salmon, oily fish, milk, protein supplements, and more. Likewise, Cross started eating that could help her lose weight fast like eggs, sausage, beans, yogurt, apples, and more green vegetables. With such changes on her diet, she was able to lose incredible weight and has managed to returned in the ring after almost 100 days.

Is the WWE Wrestler Married? Who Is Nikki Cross Husband?

Might be the bad news for Nikki Cross’ men fans as she has been already taken by someone. Yes, the professional wrestler is already married. Nikki Cross is happily married to her longtime boyfriend turned husband Damian Mackle. The couple married on 17th January 2019, where their parents and pals attended their wedding.

Nikki Cross with her husband Damian Mackle aka Killian Dain

Nikki Cross with her husband Damian Mackle aka Killian Dain
Image Source: Instagram (@nikkicrosswwe)

Likewise, Nikki Cross, her husband Damian Mackle is an Irish professional wrestler where he is currently signed to WWE where he performs under the ring name Killian Dain on the NXT brand. Previously, he was a member of the stable Sanity along with Alexander Wolfe, Eric Young, Nikki Cross, and Madman Fulton.

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Matter of fact, her spouse was born on 20th February 1985 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. And, as of now, he is 36 years old and is older by 4 years than his life partner Nikki, who is currently 32. As they has been leading a blissful married life, there is no any further any information regarding their kids.

Nikki Cross’ Return In the Ring with New Figure After Almost 100 Days; Her Defeat with Alexa Bliss

Well, if you were the regular watcher of WWE, then you might have know that Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross were best friends, however, it’s not the same now. After Alexa who has once alleged to dating Braunn Strowman, got linked with The Fiend aka Bray Wyatt, that’s where their friendship got less contact.

Watch: Alexa Bliss vs. Nikki Cross: Raw, Feb. 1, 2021

As a matter of fact, they were two-time WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. Surprisingly, Cross outplayed Alexa in the smackdown match on July 24, 2020, however, Alexa Bliss begged for forgiveness. The talented wife of Damian Mackle showed the mercy to her friends, but, unfortunately, Alexa didn’t do the same and chooses to end their friendship. And, that’s how Nikki Cross got tragic defeats from her former best friend Alexa Bliss.

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