Just Good Friends Star Paul Nicolas

Is Paul Nicholas Sick? Paul Nicholas’ Health and Net-worth

Find out all the facts about Paul Nicholas Family, Illness, and net worth.

Paul Nicholas is a famous English actor and singer. Paul’s show-biz career started when he landed a role in a BBC sitcom Just Good Friend in 1983.

The actor was nominated as best comedy performance in BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts). Recently, there have been rumors that the singer is sick. So is Paul sick? What illness does he have? Read more to get all the details on Paul Nicholas Family, Illness, and net worth.

Paul Nicholas Family

Paul Nicholas was born on 3 December 1944 in Peterborough, England. Moreover, he was the son of an MI6 agent turned to show business solicitor.

Paul Nicolas wiki bio family
                      Paul Nicolas (Image Source: Moviemarket)

Furthermore, his father’s name was Oscar Beuselinck. In addition, Yesterday’s Hero singer is the grandson of a chef in the merchant navy. Also, his paternal grandfather was Belgian who served during World War II. And, his maternal grandfather was a London docker.

Paul Nicolas wiki bio family
                       Young Paul Nicolas(Image Source: Twitter )

Nicholas became a father for the first time when he was 18 years old. Moreover, his first child named Carl was born in 1965. Also, the mother was his then-girlfriend Patricia Brecknell.

However, he had a second son, Jason with his ex-girlfriend Lyn in 1967. In 1966, the actor married Susan Gee. Later on, Susan gave birth to a daughter Natasha in 1969 and a son Oscar in 1971.

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Finally, the actor married Linzi in 1984 and the couple has two kids, Alex born in 1981, and Carmen born in 1987, together. Nicholas has six children altogether and lives with his wife Linzi.

Paul Nicholas Illness

So is Paul Nicholas ill? Are the rumors true? There are suspicions going online that the 76-year-old has an ill-health. Moreover, he is suffering from some sort of illness. However, there is no official news that the British artist is sick or ill.

Paul Nicolas illness
                           Paul Nicolas (Image Source: Twitter)

It is normal to wonder that as a 76-year-old that the BAFTA nominee may be suffering from illness. But, Paul Nicholas has no record of having any illness. Moreover, his health is fine for his age, and has no bad health.

So how did the rumors of Nicholas’ illness fly around on the internet? According to sources, his illness news started when he appeared on the TV show Just Good Friend recently. Moreover, many fans twitted that they didn’t recognize 80’s heartthrob after four decades since Just Good Friends was broadcast.

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Furthermore, they compared the actor’s appearance from 40 years back to how he appeared recently on TV. In addition, the viewers noted that Paul was bald and his curly blond hair was white and thin. Thus, people started the news that Nicholas is sick.

Paul Nicholas Net Worth

Paul Nicholas is estimated to have a net worth between $1 million US dollars to $5 million US dollars as of 2021.

The actor and singer have been successful in collecting fortune through his acting and singing career. Though most famous as a singer, he has done a phenomenal job as an actor too. In addition, the star has acted in shows like Blondel and Two Up, Two Down.

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