Law & Order Actor Paul Sorvino Teeth!!!

Law & Order Actor Paul Sorvino Teeth!!!

All About Multi-Talented American actor Paul Sorvino Teeth Transformation, Veneers, Surgery, and more

Paul Sorvino is famous as a successful American actor, businessman, and writer. The actor has also fascinated the fans and followers with sculpting and singing. The NYPD Sergeant Phil Cerreta from Law & Order again has surfaced in media with some questions regarding his teeth.

Did he go through any dental surgery? What were his teeth like before and now? Get all information connected with the actor’s teeth in the article.

What was Paul Sorvino Teeth Like?

Starring in more than 4 dozen of movies and TV Shows, Sorvino has really made his recognition all over the world. Other sources have not mentioned anything about his teeth. So, he must have starred in those movies with his natural teeth only.

Paul Sorvino Teeth

He has a small set of teeth that are less visible
Image Source: CTV News

The 82-year-old actor still looks really healthy and had gained some weight. Coming to his teeth, he has small-sized, however, aligned teeth. The sparkling teeth make his smile precious and healthy as well.

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Some admirers have assumed he has put veneers as it has been hard for them to believe the actor possesses such teeth at this age. Having a glance at a snap of the ‘Goodfellas’ star and his daughter, Mira Sorvino, their teeth seems somehow similar. Thus, the followers are also led to believe the actor’s teeth are all genetic.

Paul Sorvino and Daugter Mira Sorvino (1)

The Snippet of Paul with his Daughter, Mira Sorvino
Image Source: northjersey

Going back to the actor’s movies, his teeth are less visible in the movies, so, it still doesn’t make clear how were his teeth before. But stay updated in case anything comes up.

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