Paulina Porizkova plastic surgery

Paulina Porizkova’s Plastic Surgery Facts!!!

Paulina Porizkova is 55. And at times, she’s been told she looked over 70 in certain photos because of the makeup. And well, that was what the special effects makeup did.

Porizkova has lots and lots of beauty secrets, but she’s one of the few models and such who anyone can say for sure that she hasn’t had any plastic surgery. It’s clear as day. You could see the wrinkles and such on her face if makeup or any of her secrets hasn’t done anything to hide it.

And she’s been as vocal as she wants to when asked about how she feels about plastic surgery and the growing trend in the industry for young models to opt for it. And she’s a little sick of people denying their cases when their faces are immovable with Botox or surgery of any kind.

Paulina Porizkova’s Never Had a Plastic Surgery Procedure and Is Against How Women Handle It These Days

Every time you ask Paulina Porizkova about injectables, Botox, or fillers, she has the same stance on it. She’s very outspoken against these injectables and has openly said she thinks Botox looks awful.

 She’s also said to have never had her photo photoshopped, although enhancing it a bit.
Photo Credit: Mikael Schulz, NewBeauty

In an interview with Elle in 2015, she gave an example of her mother, saying she hardly recognizes her emotion these days. Losing expression is what she feels bad about plastic surgery. And she professed that would be how her kids feel if she also goes down the road of fillers and Botox.

However, she does really love it when women who use them admit to it. “The thing I hate, personally, is when somebody has obviously had things done but they claim the reason they look so good is yoga and water,” the 55-year-old stated in the Fall-Winter 2018 issue of NewBeauty. “I get a little resentful.”

That’s not all. She’s also seen a few times when Botox worked magic for some people while feeling sorry for girls in the modeling industry now. She told The Cut of how a little bit of Botox and fillers looked amazing on one of her best friends Patricia Wexler.

Paulina Porizkova Plastic Surgery

She’s been in more than the 1988 cover of Vogue magazine.
Photo Credit: Patrick Demarchelier, Vogue

In that bid to say Botox is bad when they’re “heavy-handed,” she also spoke of how she would “never say never” when it comes to the point in her life when she would come to think of it for herself, telling NewBeauty she is “old and wise enough” to say so.

The Big Open Secret: Porizkova Really Does Love Ultherapy

Again, the mother-of-two has more than one secret to her everlasting beauty that comes with age. Well, in correspondence to age. Because her look has a lot of difference from most celebrities her age, she still can wow her fans with bikini IG posts.

But probably the most prominent and infamous method Porizkova uses to keep her body that way is Ultherapy, a laser treatment to stimulate collagen. And she’s a strong advocate and a huge fan of the method. Double board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Yael Halaas handles her process of non-invasive neck-tightening treatment, which is not a form of plastic surgery (neither is Botox a surgery, but whatever).

The Sports Illustrated model has done it about four or five times now, meaning it’s been about a decade she’s done it as it can only be done once a year or two. She applies the pricey procedure on her neck and admitted in an IG video that it is painful. She also posted about micro-needling this February.

If you haven’t been following her on Instagram, chances are you don’t know about many of the makeup and beauty posts she makes while sharing videos of her using it too. It’s essential to note, she’s a fan of acupuncture as well. For more Plastic Surgery related articles visit Celebs Diaries.

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