"Perfect Strangers" star Bronson Pinchot Weight Loss - Lost a 60 Pound!

“Perfect Strangers” star Bronson Pinchot Weight Loss

Grab all the details about “Perfect Strangers” star Bronson Pinchot weight loss, before and after comparison, and many more.

Bronson Pinchot who hails from New York has been the biggest gems of the entertainment industry since the late 1980s. Furthermore, the 61 years old American actor gained worldwide fame for portraying the role of Balki Bartokomous on the ABC sitcom Perfect Strangers. And, since then he has been contributing to the showbiz industry.

The Risky Business star who had struggled with his weight since the age of 5 has recently gone through incredible weight loss. How did he manage to lose weight? How much did he lose? Let’s dig in to grab all the details.

Bronson Pinchot Weight Loss – Lost a Staggering 60 Pounds

The Hooking Up star shared that he started his weight loss journey back in 2020 (a few months into lockdown). Bronson Pinchot further revealed that he actually started his transformation journey when he looks at a snippet of himself from the 2017 reboot of Battle of the Network Stars. The star who debuted his acting career in the 1983 film Risky Business with Tom Cruise shared he was horrified by the way he looks now.

Bronson Pinchot Weight Loss has been the keen interest of the public

Bronson Pinchot Weight Loss has been the keen interest of the public
Image Source: The Sun

As a matter of fact, he took to Instagram to share that he lost 60 pounds in six months during the lockdown. Some of his fans couldn’t recognize him after his incredible body transformation as he looks totally different.

Before and After Comparison; Secrets to His Weight Loss!

Bronson Pinchot was first motivated to transform his body when he saw a photo of himself from the 2017 Battle Of The Network Stars. And, soon after the six months, the 61 years old actor cleared out all the junk foods in his home and began to eat only vegan food. He started to eat fruits and vegetables, legumes such as peas, beans, and lentils, nuts and seeds, bread, rice, and more.

Bronson with his old clothes after his incredible body transformation

Bronson with his old clothes after his incredible body transformation
Image Source: Page Six

After only eating all plant-based diets, he was able to lose 60 pounds in just six months. And going through the body transformation, he said to himself

“And then I just put healthy food in the house and I said, ‘OK, puppy, you can have whatever’s there’.”

He also shared that going through the process wasn’t easy for him. Furthermore, he shared that sometimes there were nights where couldn’t sleep due to hunger. But, it didn’t let him stop and the results were well paid to him.

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The Slappy and the Stinkers actor also shared his before and after pictures on his Instagram. And, after comparing his before and after weight loss snippets we came to know that he now completely looks a different person. Don’t you think? Furthermore, he now can wear his 20s clothes which makes him really happy. He also shared

“And I just took off my clothes and put them on and they fit. And I thought, ‘I’m pretty sure I’m the only 61-year-old within a 10-mile radius that’s getting into his clothes from when he was a 26-year-old doing two aerobics classes a day.’ And that feels pretty good. That feels pretty good.”

The American actor who hasn’t married and dating yet has revealed that he won’t exercise. He further stated that he wants to see if he can lose the pounds without cardio. We hope the Board Heads star will achieve his result.

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