50-year-old Phil Mickelson Weight Loss, Diet Plans, Workouts, and more.

Golf Player Phil Mickelson Loses Weight At 50!!!

All You Need to know about American Golfer Phil Mickelson Weight Loss, Championship, Transformation, Diet Plans, and More.

Winning over 45 events, Phil Mickelson has set his name as the successful golfer in the world. Lately, his name is rising in the internet section regarding the suspicion of his weight loss. He created chaos on the internet and social media when he won the championship recently against players half his age.

During an interview, he told ‘hard work’ was the secret behind such focus and good playing. By hard work, he meant the time he spent in the gym and practicing hard despite his age.

Phil Mickelson Physical Transformation

With regular exercise and changes in diets, Phil is totally changing his physical looks as well. The chubby-looking player has now turned into a charming player who surely doesn’t look like in his fifties. Visit his Instagram for making sure about it.

Phil Mickelson Before and After Weight Loss

Phil Mickelson Before and After Weight Loss
Image Source: Celebs Diaries

In an interview with golf, Phil said,

“I either wasn’t aware or didn’t want to know the things I was putting in my body, whether it was diet soda and how toxic that is, or whether it was the amount of sugar,”

he was unknown to all the effects they could have on one’s body.

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However, he later gathered the courage to go through a weight loss journey and has been success impressing fans and followers. Becoming the oldest player to win the championship, he revealed his weight loss routine through express.co.uk. The player is also active on Twitter.

Why Did the Player Lose Weight After All?

The site wrote that Phil had been in regular shape for about 15 years. After putting on few pounds, his game even started to decline gradually.

Phil Mickelson Before (1)

He was not in a good shape before
Image Source: Forbes

“I wasn’t playing well and I wasn’t feeling good about myself,”

he said. Also, he was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis before which gave him a reason to go through the transformation.

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Also, having media all around every time also may have triggered the player’s intention to lose weight. Cause fan’s and followers’ opinions and gossips matter a lot to them when it comes to their personality. So, all these reasons are considered as the root cause for his weight loss.

Secrets to Phil Mickelson Weight Loss

Regarding his routine and secrets to weight loss, the player told the secret were fasting and ‘special coffee’. The player even posted a comparison picture of himself leaving every audience their mouth open.

Phil Mickelson Weight Loss (2)

The Snippet of Phil Mickelson Working Out
Image Source: Celebs Diaries

As written by the sun, he is now fully determined towards his fasting routine, at which time, he only consumes water and a ‘special coffee’.

Besides, he also told that he had no intention of losing weight but was only trying to put on a good shape and restore his health after all. He also mentioned that his body feels ‘reset’ after fasting. Go through Tim Mickelson‘s brother’s Facebook for more info.

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Looking at his before and after pictures, it seems he has lost pretty significant pounds. However, it has been a mystery about how much he lost during those years. Forbes said the player has lost about 15 pounds. But he has maintained his fat as much as he can to look lean and charming.

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