13-year-old Youtuber Piper Rockelle Plastic Surgery Allegations

Did 13-year-old Piper Rockelle Go for Plastic Surgery?

Every Detail about Rising YouTuber and Actress Piper Rockelle Plastic Surgery Rumors, Age, Botox, Rhinoplasty, Social media, and more.

Today, we are here to talk about the rising star on the internet, Piper Rockelle. With her popularity on YouTube, she also has appeared in a couple of TV shows as well making herself an actress. The YouTuber is also famous for her astonishing beauty besides her entertaining vlogs.

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The Snippet of a 13-year-old star
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It may sound unbelievable but the star is only 13 years old as of 2021 and gained over 7.92 million subscribers on YouTube. So, she, in fact, is living her dream in Hollywood. Lately, the rumors about vlogger’s plastic surgery started to raise and it has caught everyone’s attention now.

Well, did the 13-year-old star went for the surgical procedure? Are the rumors true or not? What are the possible surgeries she might have gone through? Know details about her before and after transformation.

Piper Rockelle Plastic Surgery Allegations Reached Peak

Being an open kind of girl, Piper is not ashamed to share anything about her life. Similarly, the gossip tidbits about her surgery also were the reason behind one of her vlogs with a cosmetic surgeon. In her story, she was seen with a surgeon named Dr. Kay explaining what procedure she would be going through.

Piper Rockelle Plastic Surgery

Piper is suspected to have done some enhancements
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The surgeon said,

“Let’s do all, let’s do a little baby botox, show us those lines, liquid rhino, we’re going to contour and straighten life the tip and maybe a little cheek contour and jawline.”

Further, Piper added, “and the lips” with a little laugh.

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Talking about her social media and online involvement, she is active on Twitter with more than 57.4k followers and on Instagram with more than 4.6 million followers.

Did she go for it though?

The video got viral in no time and fans and followers kept commenting about the surgery. Some even raised the question if the 13-year-old can go through such a procedure or not.

Piper went through such transformation for a prank
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Moreover, the TikTok star also has a habit of playing pranks on her friends and families, maybe this time it’s for the fans and viewers. With fans’ wonder and questioning, the subject later became a huge topic.

Later, Dr.Kay addressed the video saying,

“We have heard a lot of controversy about people getting on us about seeing Piper and actually Piper’s just going for skincare and a facial.”

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She further added,

“I think it’s important to not be so quick to judge. I usually only treat minors with a parent.”

Her saying and addressing the problem made everyone clear that the teenage star isn’t longing for surgery. Even if she ever felt the need to go for it, parents’ consent and supervision are compulsory.

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Talking about pranks and entertainment videos, Piper previously too said she needed to go under the knife as a prank to her boyfriend. So, the visit to a cosmetic surgeon also was a motive for facial and not more than that.

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