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Rachael Leigh Cook Plastic Surgery

The ‘Love, Guaranteed’ Star Rachael Cook is Covered with Rumors of Going Through Surgery for the Role in the Movie

Rachael Leigh Cook is an American actress and a model gaining fame with her awesome roles in numerous movies. Besides, she is also a producer. Most of her famous films are The BabySitters Club, She’s All That, and Josie and The Pussycats. The actress is also known for her gorgeous looks from her young age. Once we saw her movie, we can’t help but start to praise her acting and beauty.

The actress Cook has been active since the year 1995 and has provided the world with her entertaining performances over a couple of decades. The unforgettable actress has been back with the Netflix series ‘Love, Guaranteed’. The actress from 1995 hasn’t much changed comparing her looks in the movie. Maybe it is the movie effect or some special techniques to make her look so young and attractive as in her young age. With the release of the movie, she has been speculated and rumored to have some improvements in her appearance either for the movie or to cover up her aging looks.

Rachael Leigh Cook Alleged Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery has been a common option for most of the celebrities in Hollywood. So, the fans have also mentioned that Rachael may have gone through some surgical procedures to enhance her looks. Even though she was very beautiful in her young age, she can’t have such fresh and smooth skin in her Forties.  With her new appearance in the movie, the only surgery she is supposed to have gone through is Nose Surgery medically termed as Rhinoplasty.

Rachael Leigh Cook Rhinoplasty

The first and most visible cosmetic surgery she has experienced is said to be Nose Job. The actress has been in the eye of the media for a long time. The past and present pictures provide a lot than what we could write to explain. Her nose has been slimmer and looks arranged according to the face which was not the case in the past. The nose bridge somewhat looks too smooth and unnatural in some way. As seen in the Rom-Com, her nose seems changed and different than before. However, we never know the cause of the surgery may be for the film only and not for personal purposes.

Rachael Cook Nose Surgery

Here’s Something for you to Compare
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Some have also insisted on other changes done along with the nose. The Crow’s feet seem to be stretched. The nose surgery also has a small effect on her cheeks too. Overall saying, she looks astonishing as before with the Nose Changed too. As she hasn’t clearly spoken regarding the surgery, we cannot be sure.  It is reported that the actress hadn’t gone through any surgery before, so, it is quite hard to digest the rumors that she may have undergone these surgeries.

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I don’t know about you but yeah, most of the 90’s kids had a crush on her with her luring appearance. She has never lost that special look and the surgery also has made her look incredible as before. Proper diet and physical exercise also may have helped her a lot in holding on the beauty she got.  Her plastic surgeon must have been rewarded for his/her awesome work.

Love, Guaranteed

Rachael hasn’t played a lot of rom-com in her career. The only Rom-Com movie she ever played was She’s All That in 1999. After such a long time, the 41-year-old actress is back with a bang. Even though she was in a gap for a long time, we can’t doubt her acting. The Love, Guaranteed by Netflix may also be Career Rebound for the actress.

Rachael Cook in 'Love, Guaranteed'

Does she look like a 40-year-old woman?
Image Source: Evening  Standard

Rachael has portrayed the character of Susan, a single lawyer focused on her career. The movie is based on how Susan’s life takes a different road after an encounter with Nick played by Damon Wayans, Jr. Nick is a frustrated person launching a dating site titled ‘Love, Guaranteed’ who didn’t find a lover nearly after thousands of dates.

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