Morray wife,hometown age and height

Rapper Morray Wife, QuickSand, Hometown, Height, Age and More

Everything you want to know about the Rapping Sensation Morray including his hometown, height, age, and his true inspiration his wife in detail.

Morae Ebony Ruffin aka Morray, is an American rapper and singer from Fayetteville, North Carolina. You must have heard his hit song QuickSand. Furthermore, it helped the 28-year-old artist receive widespread recognition in 2020. And has released his debut mixtape Street Sermons in 2021 which is also very well received from his fans.

Moreover,  Morray’s hometown has been a very hot topic for the rapper’s fanbase. Additionally, people also like to know about his height and age. Thus, we have found it a very necessary subject to touch upon. We have also collected how Morray’s wife help make him the rapper he is.

How old is Morray Ruffin? Also His Height

The artist was born on November 09, 1992. Currently, Morray’s age is 28-year-old. He is soon to be of age 29. As per his height, he stands at a height of 5ft 6in tall.

Morray’s Home Town

Although the rapper grew up in Park Hill, Denver, and lived the majority of his adult life in New York, he is from the South. Both his parents grew up in the backwoods of South Carolina where Trenton (SC) was town and Augusta was the big “city.”

Morray hometown
                             Morray (Image Source: Instagram (@morrayda1))

Several hipsters including Morray first developed their musical abilities in the church. As the 28-year-old musician explains how his earliest memory of singing in the church dates back to when he was four. Furthermore, he says that the song he usually sang was “I Believe I Can Fly”.

Unfortunately, there was a point in his life at which the “In My Blood” rapper was homeless. Speaking more on it, Morray’s mother worked at low-wage jobs with hardly any time off to keep a roof over their heads. In addition to this, the rapper claims that his father was both nonexistent and abusive.

As a result, Morray with his family were compelled to live out of motels or stayed with relatives. At first, Morray never dreamed about combining his own singing style with rap but after hearing Drake’s 2009 mixtape, So Far Gone.

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The 28-year-old decided to mix and deliver a hybrid type of rap that was neither fully rapping nor fully singing. His strange yet cool-sounding song quickly created a buzz in the audience.

Thus he created his most hit song till-date which tells stories people can relate to. The artist also confessed that all that he has achieved from the song is from his wife.

Morray’s Wife is the Inspiration Behind Rapper Success

The statement behind every successful man there is a woman proved to be true once again. Going further, the rapper claims that the person to credit for his success is none other than his wife.

For her, his rap content fell short they were no different than what other rappers were rapping about. As most of the songs are based upon daily life such as women and weed.

Morray wife quicksand
                  Morray with other artists (Image Source: Instagram)

Morray’s wife advised him that people want to hear new things. She knew that he had it in him.

Moreover, the woman experienced and witnessed many traumatizing events her husband had to suffer. And she wanted those things to come out. She went one step further and challenged the artist to make better music otherwise nobody would value his generic recordings.

After being challenged by his wife with all the creativity he had, all the problems he faced will grow up, the rapper would 9 times out of 10 give out a hit song.

He explained that the challenge drove him to reach out to his core and forced him to take off his blinders and glaze all around him. Furthermore, in 2020 he lost his job at the call center. And also given up on his dream of being a rapper.

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However, all this changed with a phone call he claims was “ the best phone call I ever got in my life.”  Moe Shalizi saw the video for “Quicksand.” The founder of Shalizi Group — the entertainment and management company that is also behind EDM superstars like Marshmello.Then after that, he called Morray’s wife’s phone.

After this, he joined with Moe, and crossed over 13 million YouTube views in less than three months, “Quicksand” is Morray’s breakout.

About Morray’s Wife and Children

There has not been anything publicized about Morray’s wife. All we know is that they are still together and have 3 children. It is strange that the rapper has been spotted with his children in the public but has not even posted a picture of his wife on his social media accounts.

Morray wife,hometown age and height
                      Rapper Morray posing with his son. (Image Source: Instagram)

In 2014, when he was 21 years old, Morray recorded a song to honor his future wife’s birthday. With some weed, his last blunt, and a pen and paper, he went into the bathroom, and out of one single emotion—anger—he created “Quicksand.”

The 28-year-old rapper has also received praise from artists such as Rick Ross, G Herbo, Tay Keith, Marshmello, and Yella Beezy. The ‘bad situation’ rapper also added that he chose music instead of the street i.e wrong path.

He also loves spending time with his family “I didn’t want to go to prison,” he says. Because with stints in juvenile detention at age 19, he served jail time in his early 20s.

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He didn’t want to be out until five, six in the morning. Because he wanted to see my kids.” In a way, he says, he was inspired by his father, whose abuse and neglect made the singer not repeat the same things with his children.

We hope that you learned more about the rapper’s hometown, wife, and soon. Hope you enjoyed the article, for more article on your favorite celebs, visit Celeb’s Diaries.