Raquel Leviss | Vanderpump Rules | Every Plastic Surgery Details Here

Raquel Leviss | Vanderpump Rules | Every Plastic Surgery Details Here

Find out all about Vanderpump Rules’ Raquel Lewiss’s plastic surgery in detail.

Raquel Leviss is a social media star and celebrity figure. She has gained all of her popularity from the Vanderpump rules television series. Furthermore, Raquel has been in about 64 episodes in total in the Vanderpump show.

Nowadays, plastic surgery has been a common thing in showbiz. Some even take reconstructive surgery as a necessity.  And many plastic surgery centers have been toadying a great business.

However, like most things, these cosmetic surgeries also cause a lot of controversial issues. As many criticism celebrities for their plastic surgery. On the other hand, there are countless celebrities with plastic surgery that went horribly wrong.

Raquel Lewiss’s Plastic Surgery

Raquel Vanderpump is not a new name when it comes to Plastic Surgery. Back in February, a Reddit use posted “Am I the only one who thinks Raquel’s old nose looked better?”. It got some the response with people agreeing.

In 2019, the reliable site Bravotv shared insight on Raquel Leviss’s plastic surgery. The article had pictures of Raquel choosing the type of lips she wanted to have.

The article on Raquel’s liposuction also speculated that this most not be the first time the model is trying the cosmetic procedure. With Raquel calm before getting a needle injected into her lips.

Furthermore, the nurse practitioner in the video can also be heard saying that Raquel is not new to plastic surgery.

“You had them done before, but what we’re gonna do is enhance them just a little bit more. She has beautiful lips, we’re just gonna make them a little plumper,”

After Leviss’s plastic surgery, the TV celebrity said that she loves the way her new lips are. And thinks that her new lips look perfectly pouted and fresh and really hydrated and natural.

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So has plastic surgery been a part of Raquel Leviss? And if yes what plastic surgery procedure has she gone through? The usual suspect is Rhinoplasty, Botox surgery, Breast augmentation.

The answer to this is still not found. There is not much on the internet regarding the whole “Did Raphael Lewiss have a plastic surgery” subject. And there are little to no before and after photos that we can compare from.

Vanderpump Rules’ Plastic Surgery

Back in 2017, the popular website called people shared about Raquel’s plastic surgery. The article was titled “All About the Vanderpump Rules Cast’s Nips and Tucks, from the Plastic Surgeons Themselves.”

The article talked about  Beverly Hills cosmetic and plastic surgeons Dr. John Layke and Dr. Payman Danielpour. And also explicitly talked about other members Jax Taylor’s nose job (and subsequent revision surgery), and Taylor’s girlfriend Brittany Cartwright’s also had breast augmentation.

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In addition, after a trip, Kristen Doute’s another member of Vanderpumo Rules fractured her eye sockets, cheekbone, and side of her face. Thus she also had facial reconstruction surgery. Astonishing right?

So, there is a very chance that plastic surgeons have operated on Leviss Raphel as well.

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