Raven Symone lost 28-pounds and still shedding fat!!!

Raven Symone lost 28-pounds and still shedding fat!!!

Know all about Raven Symone 28-pound Weight Loss, Diet, Fasting, Workouts, Transformation, and more.

The name Raven is enough to elucidate which actress are we talking about. The singer and songwriter have set her name as a successful actress in the Disney world. Lately, her name has risen concerning her weight loss and physical transformation. She, herself accentuated her weight loss journey to the public.

What procedure has she gone through? How much weight has she lost? Know all including her diets, workout routine, fasting, and more.

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Raven Symone 28-pound Weight Loss

‘The Cheetah Girls’ star didn’t get the attention she thought she would get after all those works. However, she has been getting some positive responses from her fans and followers. The news hit the internet after she revealed through her Instagram that she lost 28 pounds.

Raven Symone Transformation (1)

The Snippet Showing her awesome Transformation
Image Source: Page Six

‘That’s So Raven’ actress felt proud to share the moment of her transformation. She posted a video with the caption,

“Pounds down, pounds down. Check out the chin. If y’all watch ‘Raven’s Home’ literally right now, and then come on this life and see this joint, I got a whole different face going on. It’s a whole pound-down journey.”

The statement only elaborates how excited she is to show her weight loss journey to her 2.4 million followers. She also added that she is on her journey and has been continuously devoting her time to losing weight rather than anything else. To shed more pounds, she also took a fasting point into consideration.

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She conceded, “Right now I’m doing a 48-hour fast.” With that being said, it is a subject of no doubt the actress has been trying to get in shape no matter what. Wonderwall has mentioned some fans’ comments regarding her two-day-long fast.

Her Secrets to Weight Loss Crusade

Besides, she also spilled that walking is a secret to her weight loss. Other than that, proper diets and regular exercises and workouts are essential to any weight loss. Lookout the article by lifeandstylemag showing ‘The Cosby Show star’s transformation over the years.

Raven Symone

She has a totally different look before
Image Source: TVLine

Well, coming to her reasons behind the weight loss. The actress may have some concerns about her health. Also, her wife was seen supporting her through the journey of losing weight. Foxnews has said ‘Raven’s Home’ alum went through some bullies and had to deal with mental problems due to her weight. This also may have triggered her need to be slim.

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Page six also has described her journey as well as her reason to go for it. Comparing pictures, she has gone through a huge transformation. Her jawline is clearly distinct and she seems healthy too. Moreover, style. yahoo has brought consideration into some negative comments regarding the actress’s 48-hour fasting.

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