Rick Rubin Weight Loss: Columbia Records Co-President Weight Loss

Rick Rubin Weight Loss: Columbia Records Co-President Weight Loss

Know about Rick Rubin Plastic Surgery who is popular for being an American record producer and former co-president of Columbia Records. Inside the article also find about his weight loss with before and after photo comparison in detail.

Rick Rubin Plastic Surgery:  Rick Rubin is an American record producer and former co-president of Columbia Records. The former co-president was born on march 10, 1963, in Long Beach, New York, U.S. Rick is currently 59 years old, and despite his age, and youthfulness, many fans seem to be curious to learn about Rubin’s plastic surgery which details we’ve shown below,

The 59 years old made friends with Steve Freeman, the head of the audiovisual department at Long Beach High School, while a student there, and Freeman taught him a little bit about playing the guitar and writing songs.

Before a teacher assisted him in starting a punk band named The Pricks, he played in a band with his boyhood pals Marc Greenhut, Carlos Ferreiro, and Joey Ferrante, playing at the garage and school gigs for town buddies. Their main claim to fame was getting booted off the stage at CBGB after just two songs for fighting with the heckling crowd; the fight was started by bandmates on orders to get the show stopped and generate publicity. Rubin’s father attempted to “shut down” the concert by traveling from Nassau County, New York, to Manhattan while dressed in his Long Beach auxiliary police uniform, despite having no power in New York City.

Rick Rubin Weight Loss: Before & After

Without any exercise, the former co-president put on up to 320 pounds. Additionally, he claimed to have been a vegan for 22 years in an interview. Rick Rubin once had lunch with Mo Austin, the attorney for Frank Sinatra. Austin served as the chairman of Warner Brothers and controlled both Warner Brothers and Releasing. At Warner Brothers, Rick Robin and Mo Austin first connected.

Rick Rubin Weight Loss
Rick Rubin Weight Loss (before and after) (image source: Celebs Diaries)

Mo was listed as one of the American record producer’s mentors in the music industry, and Austin advised him to monitor what he ate because Rick is gaining weight quickly. Mo even advised his best dietician to help Rick lose his increasing weight because he was so concerned about Rubin and his rising weight.

The 59-year-old agreed to work with a nutritionist, but despite being overweight, he lacked confidence in his ability to lose weight. He once moved to California and immediately dropped weight. Even though he wasn’t in great shape at the time, he had shed a few pounds. However, once he became a vegan, he gained weight back.

The former co-president mentioned that the vegan thing took him down a very dark path. He use to eat chicken and vegetables and was healthier but a friend of his suggested a book called “diet for new America” and said that if he read the book he doesn’t wanna eat chicken anymore.

Rick gave up on everything after reading the book, including chicken, red meat, fish, and Pepsi. Rubin grew up at McDonald’s and other fast food. Additionally, he said that his mother was a lousy chef, which is why he eats fast food.

After some time, he sent Phil Maffetone an email claiming that Rick wanted to be his patient. Phil replied, saying he had recently left the medical field and entered the music industry. Maffetone was then told by Rubin that since he is a musician, he may assist him with music in exchange for Phil’s assistance with his health, and they both agreed.

Rick Rubin Weight Loss Diet and Workout

Since Rick, 59, is a vegan, Phil forced him to eat non-vegetarian meals, but Maffetone urged that he consume fish and eggs in order to obtain animal protein. Rubin has never been a fan of fish or eggs, but Phil advised him to consume them instead as medicine.

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Maffetone trained him and made him do heart rate-based cardio. And with constant effort and hard work, he was able to achieve his desired weight.

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