Robert Costa Weight Loss - Before & After Transformation Details

How Did Robert Costa Lose Weight? Diet Regime, Workout Details

Grab all details on PBC’s Washington Week host Robert Costa’s weight-loss, diet, and workout details. 

The 35 years old journalist Robert Costa – the national political reporter of The Washington Post, political analyst for NBC, and moderator of Washington Week on PBS’ sudden weight loss seemed to be one of the trending subjects of the internet lately.

Those of you who’ve been regularly following him on Television might have figured out the ‘odds’. Yes, we’re talking about the reporter’s amazing body transformation and weight loss. So in order to know how Robert made himself from chubby to muscular hunk, ahead we present you with all Robert Costa weight loss and body transformation details,

Robert Costa Weight Loss Body Transformation

Robert Costa Weight Loss

Before and After Weight loss comparision.
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Recently the sudden weight loss of Robert Costa has been surfing over the internet. From social media handles like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook Costa’s weight loss has been one of the buzzing subjects. And when one critic asked him how was he able to lose such weight Costa replied,

“I was on a Campaign Diet for the last 10 years, Costa confessed. I realized I was getting too tired,” he said. Costa shared,

I woke up last year and said to myself, ‘Why am I eating a hamburger a day?’ I started taking a walk a day and drinking black coffee” instead of with cream and sugar. “And ever since I committed to that, and been the better for it.

As stated by the frequent television arriving personality, Costa shared that he started to workout after negative symptoms from overweight start to show up. It was not an easy journey as he had to sacrifice his food preferences and opted more of a healthy diet.

Robert Costa Weight Loss Diet and Exercise

The 35 years old shared that he started ‘workout’ and watched his ‘meals’ closely. Foods like Leafy Greens, Boiled, Beans, and Legumes, Saltwater, citric, and helped him easily lose weight.

Robert Costa weight loss (1)

Costa picture after his successful weight loss.
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The political analyst and reporter with his healthy diet regime also went through weight loss exercises such as walking, jogging, cycling, pilates, yoga, swimming, and specified weight loose exercise which is the best way to lose weight effectively and quickly. So if you guys are also thinking to lose some of those fat pounds, then the mentioned process is the best way.

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So with a healthy Robert successfully dropped from 264 pounds to diet and exercise, Robert dropped around 87 pounds and currently weighs around 177 pounds. Pretty impressive! We hope you enjoyed it and got motivated. Stay ‘fit’ stay ‘healthy’. Find More Celebrity Weight Loss Articles on Celeb’s Diaries >>>


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