Dr. Phil McGraw’s Wife Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery Truth!!!

Dr. Phil McGraw’s Wife Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery Truth!!!

Know everything about New York Best-Selling Author Robin McGraw plastic surgery, facelift, eyebrow, fillers, books and more

One of the best author in the world, Robin McGraw has been surrounded with several rumors of plastic surgery. Has she gone through any surgery lately? If yes, what are the most probable surgical procedures she might have gone through? What are the secrets to her changes in the past years?

The wife of talk show host Dr. Phil McGraw has been ranked as #1 New York Times best selling author as well. With the title, her popularity has reached to whole another level. The talented author is beautiful and known for her beauty as well. However, people have suspected several surgeries regarding her appearance. Know the details here.

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Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery Rumors and Facts

The rumors first rose into the internet when fans started noticing some differences in her looks. After the rumors all went out of control, the best-selling author addressed them as well. She accepted about going through a facelift couple of years ago. Later she even mentioned about eyebrow transplant procedure too.

Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery Before and After (1)

The Author Before and After Plastic Surgery
Image Source: The Today Show

She conveyed that the surgery brought her entire face into proportion. “(My brows) were just not pretty at all because I tweezed them and they never grew back.” she explained. After knowing the eyebrow surgery could overcome the defect, she directly went for it.

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Talking more about her before and after changes, she also consulted with hair-restoration specialist. That procedure also totally changed her look. Eyebrows has been rising in popularity matter and important part of face. “People come to (my patients) and say, ‘You look younger’ or, ‘Did you lose weight? They can’t pinpoint it.” the surgeon explained about eyebrow procedure.

Eyebrow Transplant Surgery – Before and After

She even took a moment to thank her surgeon at her podcast ‘I’ve Got a Secret! with Robin McGraw’. The minor surgeries have somehow contributed in her looks. However, majority changes are due to the eyebrow placement and she is confident about it as well.

Robin McGraw After Eyebrow (1)

She looked incredible with new eyebrows
Image Source: Yahoo

People have added other details about the plastic surgeon saying eyebrow transplant procedure consists about 250 to 400 hairs placing. This takes about six to eight hours.

Even though the star has addressed about her surgery, some people are finding it hard that her such transformation are all the result of eyebrow replacement. Further Botox injection and fillers also fall into the surgery based on her then and now comparison.

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Talking about her social media life, she is active on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Stay connected at each of them to get tuned at the star for any updates and recent news.

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