Rocco DiSpirito Weight Gain: How Did he Gain Weight!

Rocco DiSpirito Weight Gain: How Did he Gain Weight!

Rocco DiSpirito weight gain has been one of the major subjects of curiosity among his fans and followers! So in order to learn the real facts behind it, ahead we present you with all the details.

American chef and reality television personality Rocco DiSpirito is one of the renowned celebrity chefs who got huge prominence and recognition after starring in the American TV Series The Restaurant and through his delicious Italian-Amerian cuisine and fusion cooking styles. The show ran for two seasons from July 20, 2003, to June 5, 2004.

Talking briefly about the Culinary master’s life, he was born in Queens, New York, and completed his graduation from the Culinary Insititute of America in 1986. Besides that DiSpirito also holds a bachelor’s degree in business.

Lately, fans and followers of the 55 years old Celebrity Chef have been curious to learn about the sudden weight gain of Rocco DiSpirito. So in order to learn the real facts behind Rocco DiSpirito weight gain, ahead we present you with all the details,

Rocco DiSpirito Weight Gain Started after Undergoing Serious Spinal Surgery!

Yes, for those who are unaware, DiSpirito weight gain happened after he had to undergo spinal surgery known as an emergency diskectomy. Days were not easy and planned for the chef as prior to his surgery Rocco lost his mother.

And as per reports from various media outlets, Rocco DiSpirito after the surgery was not able to control his body fully. He lost his mobility and was not able to perform basic tasks. However, he did not lose his appetite and hence gained weight after eating during his recovery period.

Lack of mobility also caused his body inactive and even brought different health complications like cholesterol and other diseases such as blood pressure and bone pain. He used to weigh around 476 pounds i.e. 216 kg during his peak weight gain period.

As of now he has recovered and has also lost more than 100 kg. Overcoming all the obstacles, DiSpirito now shares a healthy diet and routines for better health and lifestyles. Thou comparing his weight prior to the surgery his weight sure has gained but he has maintained to be much slimmer and healthier during his surgery time.

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