Rosie Workin Moms Nikki Duval weight loss, age and dating life

Everything about Rosie Workin moms/ Nikki Duval’s weight loss and also about her dating life and wiki/bio.

Nikki Duval is an actress and assistant director. Her fans know her for Strays (2021), Workin’ Moms (2017), and New Eden (2020). We have been hearing a lot of buzz about Nikki Duval having a weight loss. So we have compared her before and after snippets and this is what we found.

In addition to this, we also found people curious about the actress’s wiki/bio including age, parents, and siblings. And also about her dating life.

What is the exact age of Nikki Duval?

When was Nikki born? Well, she was born on June 14, 1992, in Winnipeg. She is currently residing in Toronto. As per her age, she is currently 30-year-old. She celebrated her birthday and captioned a photo that read ‘dirty 30.’

Nikki Duval age
     Nikki Duval’s birthday celebration (Image Source: Instagram)

As per her parents, as the actress doesn’t have a Wikipedia we didn’t find anything about her parents. So we analyzed her Instagram. But unlucky there was nothing there about it as well.

But we found that Nikki has a sister her Instagram name is sourjess. We also suspect she has a brother as well looking at her old photos. Unfortunately, we don’t know much about her wiki/bio as her sister has kept her id private.

All in all, Nikki has really maintained a very low-key profile.

Is Nikki dating someone?

Well, she has been posting photos with a guy named Stephen Tracey. Looking at his IMDb, he is also an actor and producer. You must recognize him if you have watched Anne with an E (2017), Good Sam (2022), or The Expanse (2015).  Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a Wikipedia to his name.

What is the date of birth of Stephen Tracey? Well, we also found a post in which the actress wished him on June 13.  Unfortunately, it didn’t reveal his exact age.

Nikki Duval relationship
                Nikki Duval dating? (Image Source: Instagram)

So is he dating Nikki Duval? Well, if you ask us we predict that they are dating. The reason is although the actress has posted pictures of her and Stephen. And we also found a post shared by Nikki in which the pair posed and it was a caption that read ‘had a wonderful afternoon.’

The surprising thing was that Stacey commented on it saying ‘You are the love of my life.’ Some have also speculated that Nikki is in a relationship with a woman. This might be because of a kissing scene with her co-actor. It can be seen in this Instagram post.

When did Nikki start to date Tracey? Apparently, the first photo she posted on her Instagram is with him. It was taken back in 2015. Are they still together? Yes, their latest photo was back on March 7.

Nikki Duval’s weight loss

When did the actress’s weight loss rumors surface? The Rosie working mom didn’t look as slim as she now does. As per when the weight loss actually occurred, it must be in the mid of 2021. The reason behind her weight loss is yet to be revealed. But we suspect that like several celebs she challenged herself for weight loss during the pandemic.

The other reason behind the weight loss can also be because of the necessity demanded from the showbiz to look as pretty and perfect as possible.

                     Nikki Duval weight loss (Before and After)             (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

Nonetheless, as we surfed her photos for any hints we found a photo from back in 2019. You can clearly see with our before and after photo comparison that the actress really has lost weight.

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Nikki really looked chubby back then. How much weight loss did the actress have? We suspect she had around 20 pounds reduced. But as she has not spoken anything about the subject matter and there have not been any articles that detailed her body transformation it would be wrong to be sure of anything.

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